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Battlefield 4 Crashing on ps4

by Mattcheew

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Battlefield 4 Crashing on ps4

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My battlefield 4 keeps crashing when i boot up battlefield 4 on my ps4 and sometimes during the campaign and online, then giving me a corrupt save file and makes me start the campaign over again

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Re: Battlefield 4 Crashing on ps4

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i have the same thing too.  I can't play single player at all, tried deleting my save file to no luck.  everytime i boot the game up if i don't click x right away and go into multiplayer the game crashes!  Please help quick!

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Re: Battlefield 4 Crashing on ps4

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My game crashes when I opened it aswell. One time it crashed only when I used the battlelog. Did you download the China Rising DLC? Becuase I had this problem after installing it.

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Re: Battlefield 4 Crashing on ps4

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My PS4 keeps on crashing every time I play battlefield 4. It also won't let me play campaign or multiplayer
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Re: Battlefield 4 Crashing on ps4

[ Edited ]
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I've fixed it twice on my PS4 following the below process - but it will crash again and this process takes too long to keep doing.


1. Delete the corrupt save file
2. Delete BF4
3. Turn PS4 off/back on
4. Enter the disc into PS4
5. Start BF4 – update will start downloading in the background
6. Exit BF4, close the application
7. Wait for 607MB update to download and install
8. AFter update is installed, restart BF4
10. Once the game is 100%, you should be able to start the game and play.


However it will crash again – if the save data is corrupt (System -> Application Data -> Delete -> Battlefield 4) you’re pretty much screwed. Even deleting the file and re-starting doesn’t fix it. However if the save IS NOT corrupted, shut down the PS4 and turn it back on. You should be OK to play.


I’m NOT doing the above procedure again – it takes way too long, I’ll just play CoD or Killzone until they fix it. Hard to believe deleting the file and rebooting doesn’t fix it, but it don’t!

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Re: Battlefield 4 Crashing on ps4

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I actually fooled around with the game and ended up being able to play it fine. I just waited on the screen where it said "Press Options to Start" then I went and joined a friends session in progress. Then when it gave me the message that I couldnt join, I quickly went to the multiplayer menu and it worked. Usuallu I cant even make it past the main menu or stay on it for more than 1 second.

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Re: Battlefield 4 Crashing on ps4

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Same problem here. I kept restarting the game and the ps4 until it would let me continue and I almost finished the horrible campaign when it deleted my save data because it was "corrupt". Now I will have to start over from the beginning and the campaign wasn't fun enough for a replay. When multiplayer works its a blast though.
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Re: Battlefield 4 Crashing on ps4

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It is well known now that Battlefield 4 does not work on the PS4. Why hasn't this product been pulled from the shelves? It is inexcusable that EA is selling a product that they know will fail in the hands of the customer. This sort of behavior in any other industry would mark the end of that business.
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