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Battlefield 4 BETA will not load

by ltaldoraine007

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Battlefield 4 BETA will not load

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Origin starts fine, the multiplayer screen comes up, I chose a server with others on it and get the banner at the bottom that it is conncecting to server.  However, the server never loads and the banner disappears.  Have tried this with a number of different servers over the last two days and simply cannot get the game to load.  Suggestions?

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Re: Battlefield 4 BETA will not load

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having the same issue.... 

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Re: Battlefield 4 BETA will not load

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Sounds like a known issue. They state that it happens if you have more than one Origin account, and to simply "create a new one" and go from there. I tried that with a new email address, this also failed. Tried 3 different browsers to no avail. My system is Widows 7 64 bit with a GTX 680 card, intel processor... All standard equipment. I hesitate to pre-order now because we're 2 weeks from launch and the game won't even load on a generic, stable system?? Disappointing.
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Re: Battlefield 4 BETA will not load

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Try this.. Ctrl+alt+delete and open task manager. now go to processes then click on (bf4.exe) and end that process. it should at least get you to the loading screen. im having the issue of the game will not leave the loading screen as it scrolls through the pictures of the map with the loading icon at the top. not sure where to go from here.

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