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BF4 will not update (PC)

by Matumthrakal

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BF4 will not update (PC)

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Currently both myself and a friend of mine are unable to play because BF4 will not complete the 800~mb patch from almost a week ago. We've been trying all sorts of different things to no avail. It constantly says:


"There was a problem while updating your game. One or more files that require an update may be in use. If the issue persists, please restart your computer and resume the update."


Which we have both done numerous times. We tried repairing the install (it just goes through the whole game and then tries to patch and does the same thing.) I've tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling, and it just does the exact same thing (except takes longer of course.)


We're both at a complete loss and haven't been able to play for a week!


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: BF4 will not update (PC)

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Still can't get the update to install. Anyone?

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Re: BF4 will not update (PC)


Hi, you coud give this a try:

uninstalling Origin and then reinstalling the latest version from its website. Install it as Administrator and make sure it's allowed through your firewall.

Now try to update the Bf4 patch and see if it works.


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Re: BF4 will not update (PC)

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I've got the exact same issue, spent time on the phone and in chat with EA Reps who have now had e uninstall Battlefield altogether and now I can't reinstall cause I get this error when it's trying to finalize the install. Haven't been able to play for a week.

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Re: BF4 will not update (PC)

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Unfortunately that didn't seem to work either. Thanks for trying though.

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Re: BF4 will not update (PC)

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Hey man, I don't know if this will help you or not but  I got this fixed myself it looks like. Did a full uninstall of all things origin and Battlefield (including all related web plugins and such just in case) and then restarted the machine. When it came back up I reinstalled Origin and then reinstalled Battlefield 4 and it updated ok.

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Re: BF4 will not update (PC)

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had to contact support cause i ran out of ideas, was told clean boot could help. and it did. all i did was go to msconfig uncheck one box and disable all but microsoft based programs from services tab and  reboot. remember to set them back if you need some of those programs to startup automatically

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Re: BF4 will not update (PC)

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This error:131076:0 Just started happening to me while trying to download the latest 800mb BF4 update.  I have tried everything in the knowledge base on how to fix this, including the hosts file wipe.  


Uninstalling and re-installing origin
uninstalling/installing BF4
completely re-installing origin and BF4 as admin from clean boot.
Disabling cloud services temporarily,
enabling and disabling beta.  
Adding proper forwarded ports,
adding IP to DMZ,
CCleaner for registry cleanup,
malwarebytes scan,
DHCP to Static IP.... etc etc
Various different admin scenarios
ensuring write permissions allowed for every folder
windows updates
Nvidia Updates
Chipset update

Used webroot/malwarebytes/trend micro scanners, system is clean.  Only other game installed is guild wars 2.  No VM's or any other services running....

Removing battlelog plugs, origin, BF4, then rebooting, installing origin as admin, now its "Download failed"  when downloading BF4 vanilla Frown(


The best part is, nothing changed on my computer as I left my PC on after playing BF the night before, going to sleep, going to work, then noticing there was an update in the battlelog screen, clicking update game and ever since then constant Error:131076:0 .    Bro who is a premium as well is having the EXACT same issue on his gaming laptop running a different OS.


I have 2 SSD's and 2 2tb drives, regardless of the set installation path I can't find anything to solve this.

I got someone who apparently just finished High school as customer support with VERY little knowledge, anyone have any other ideas ?


 Update:  Trying removal of all non-essential gaming applications, including those used for my work : Citrix Receiver and Teamviewer.

Still nothing.  Didn't work.


MSconfig options did not help either.  I got the update installed by hammering the download server and lucking out after about atleast 50 times.  Resuming my downloads, downloading about 2-3%, getting the error, then hammering the download server again repeatedly.  Some awesome software we have facilitating this launcher to update the game. No customer service capable of diagnosing this leaves no question in mind why this company was voted the worst.



i7 4770k @ 4.5Ghz 40c under load!

Asus Maximus VI Hero Motherboard

32Gigs G.skill TridentX 2400MHZ (VM/Ram Disk)

Nvidia Geforce 770GTX


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Re: BF4 will not update (PC)

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I have a theory on this issue that I as well am having.


When I try to even delete the BF4 folder, I get that a program is currently using it and I must turn off that program first.  I think there is some random program (I have a feeling that it is Nvidia related program, anyone with an ATI card and having this problem please speak up to correct me).  So I think unistalling BF4 totally and reinstalling it new (with the update with it) will work.

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Re: BF4 will not update (PC)

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Update and Fix:


     I found that if you restart in "Safe Mode with Networking" (Remember restart and F8 after the splash screen) and then open Origin and have it update, it works fine.  Then restart in "Normal Mode" and your all set.


     I hope this helps you out and saves you all some time.  It does seem to confirm my theory of another program accessing BF4 and running, preventing the update from installing.


     Note: when I did do this in Safe Mode, I did get an Punk Buster error.  It still installed alright and I do not know if it is related or just because it was in Safe Mode.


Good Luck all.

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