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BF4 use to run on Windows Vista 32-bit, and now doesn't on Windows 7 64-bit. HELP PLEASE! :(

by coltraine007

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BF4 use to run on Windows Vista 32-bit, and now doesn't on Windows 7 64-bit. HELP PLEASE! :(

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Hey guys,


I'm so frustrated now trying to get this problem fixed!

Before Upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit, I was running on Windows Vista 32-bit. I could play BF4 without a problem besides the crahes. I was able to successfully launch the game each and everytime i choose a server to join.

But right after i installed the Windows 7 64-bit and reinstalled BF4 on my PC i can no longer launch BF4.
Everytime when you click join a server, it will redirect you to origin and origin will actually help you launch the game right? when the game is launched you can see that the game will be minimized at your taskbar and you would have to click it to get into the game. BUT right now, whenever i click the BF4 icon at my TaskBar, only a small window with a black screen appears. It doesn't load or do anything even waiting for it about 15 mins. maybe even more.

At first when this happened i thought my rig was missing some drivers. so i installed Steam and Dota 2 to try whether can they run. When i tried launching Dota 2, They helped me to install Direct X as well.  so i thought maybe Direct X was the thing my rig was missing. After playing a Game of dota, i tried launching BF4 again. That time, it worked!!

But the thing is now right, is that the problem is back again after turning off my pc and turning it back on the next day! I can no longer load BF4 and its just gets stuck with a Black screen whenever i click on the BF4 icon at the TashBar after choosing a Server to join. PLEASE PLEASE HELP Frown

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