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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

by HulkBusterXLIV

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BF4, the SSD Killer?

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Twice now, I've installed new solid-state drives in my computer for the sake of having a faster gaming experience. And both times, while playing BF4, it has crashed my computer, forcing me to reset it. Upon restart, however, my computer is forced into a loop, booting up the motherboard screen and resetting again.


Now, the first time I thought it was something I did wrong. But considering the fact that this has happened twice under the same circumstances while playing BF4, and also considering that I purchased 2 different SSD's made by different manufacturers, I feel it is likely the fault of something in the game's programming.


If anyone has a pointer about fixing a ruined SSD, then feel free.

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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

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Not sure man, but ever since Final Stand, the install on my 300g Raptor has been lagging, and the computer itself has locked slam up twice, forcing a power button reset.

I am on a 500g SSD now with Win 8.1 basically installed, and am going to finish driver installs, then move on to Origin/Bf4/DLC reinstall.

Will report back.


BTW - by "ruined", what do you mean? Will the SSD not even detect in BIOS/UEFI? You can change the behavior of a hard system "event" by going to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab > Startup and Recovery > UNTICK "Automatically Restart"


This will at least get you out of the rebooting loop, and possibly give you a Blue Screen of Death with an error message that you can look into (i.e., Graphics Driver issue, etc.)

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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

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Myself i am running Battlefield 4 also on my Solidstate drive.


There could be a few reason why your having issues with your solid state drives and it might not be down to Battlefield.


It could be how ever something to do with the Motherboard's SATA Controller drivers. You haven't mentioned what chipset or specs your current system is running but i will give you the best reply possible.


If your using Intel RST's latest drivers i would suggest you first try uninstalling this  and letting the standard Microsoft Windows driver take over and re-run Battlefield 4 again to see if that helps if it does then install the Intel RST 12.9.4 drivers the current Intel RST 13.x.x drivers have been known to be buggy.


The SSD might not be faulty but due to the driver its acting as if it is. Have you also Checked the S.M.A.R.T Data of the SSD's to make sure that they are showing as failed or good.


Feel free to PM me if you need asistance by please try and enclose a dxdiag report which can be done by pressing the Windows Key + R and typing dxdaig. After this click the save all information and then sent me a link to it via PM.


Try drivers first before righting on the SSD.


The only time BF4 would be causing wear issues is when updating the game most of the time in Battlefield 4 its reading from the SSD and not writing.

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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

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I should have mentioned two other things, as for it being "ruined".  I was unable to boot from a DVD drive to try a repair of Windows 7.  In fact, even after putting in my old hard drive with the SSD still plugged in, my computer wouldn't boot Windows.  It seemed that only after unplugging the SSD did my computer actually boot up.


I'll get a dxdiag posted here a little later.

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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

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Ok just a little thought here have you changed the cables on the SSD it might be as simple as the cable being faulty.
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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

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Well, I appreciate the idea, but I have tried different cables, with no change.


You don't have to respond to this afterwards, because I'm planning on just returning it.  Thanks anyway, guys!  Standard smile

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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

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Have you changed SATA Controller Ports from 3rd pary to Intels own?
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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

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In all honesty you should not of put such a laggy game on a SSD.


Make sure you have all drivers updated and what SSD is it?


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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

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Just as an update to this thread, I finished all the driver and game installs, and have not experienced the lag and "locking up" I had been before.

OP, when you say that you are just going to "return it" - wern't there two different SSD's that "corrupted"?


Solidus 1983 had a good point asking if you had switched to Intel's SATA ports.

My ASUS Rampage MB has a onboard Marvell controller that is flaky at best.

The current SSD I am running is on the Intel controller.

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Re: BF4, the SSD Killer?

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Glad you sorted or issue screeb, as you rightly just pointed out about my question to the OP Marvell and JMicron controllers are well know to be very flaky and causing issues such as corruption to data, so OP before sending the SSD's back try using a Intel SATA Controller. If you can perform a Secure Erase and reinstall everything as the data is likely to be corrupt anyway and will be of no use. If after that your still having issues then i would suggest you contact the maker of the SSD's and send them back under RMA. BF4 will no kill a SSD through data write wear in our lifetime. All sounds controller related to me.
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