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Re: BF4 servers shows wrong information.

by ShotgunAZ

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BF4 servers shows wrong information.

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Product: Origin
Where are you experiencing this issue? Origin Client - PC
Type in your Origin Error Report ID:
In which country are you located? India
Which language do you have selected in Origin? English
Which error message did you encounter? False Information
Summarize your bug All my Asian region server shows 277ms of ping but actually its not, and the players information playing in the server is also wrong.
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Get in BF4 and look for asian region servers.
What happens when the bug occurs? Noting
What do you expect to see? Fix the issue with ping information showing up and the show me the exact number of players playing the game

This has been a long time and the issue is not yet fixed by EA. All my asian region servers are showing me 277ms of ping but actually its not, when I get into the server then I see that some has 60-110ms of ping but some do really have 260+ms of ping. Please fix this issue and show me the correct ping

Second issue is BF4 is showing me wrong amount of players playing in the server. It shows 64+players playing but when I get in the server it shows 2-3 players or approx 20s player but no way near 64player. 

Why there are so many issues still after so many years after the game launch..? 

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Re: BF4 servers shows wrong information.

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Me's been happening since early December all over the US.  Some call it "same ping", others call it "high ping".  Happens in the BF1 and BF4 in-game server browser.  This is after clicking the game in Origin and then Origin reduces and the game client starts.  The game client is the issue for me.

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Re: BF4 servers shows wrong information.

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As far as I know, the issue has been fixed at least in EU. It may take a bit longer for the problem to be fixed in different countries/regions

Repairing the game won't do anything it's a global issue. All we can do now is wait for the issue to be fixed by DICE. 


This is all the information all I know.

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Re: BF4 servers shows wrong information.

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I hope they fix it,
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Conquest issues

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I am having an issue with Battlefield 4...I try to join a conquest server and notice that the server has 19/64 players on go to join it wait for the loading to finish when I do get in there is nobody on at all or I would see some objectives in my teams favor with nobody on I don't understand whats goin on...I can play team death match no issues but I don't want team death match

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Re: Conquest issues

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i have the same problem( \

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Re: BF4 servers shows wrong information.

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no it hasn't
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Re: BF4 servers shows wrong information.

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This is still an issue

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Re: BF4 servers shows wrong information.

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Same issue here. Playing from South Africa and it shows EU pings for local servers (190/200 when in game I am at 40/60). Some South African servers also show the German flag on them instead of my own countries flag. Same issue with incorrect player count being displayed in the server browser. Shows a server is full, get in and there are hardly enough players to start the round, or half the server is empty.

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Re: BF4 servers shows wrong information.

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About amount of players. Server owners use bot's plugin to make higher population on their servers,so if you'll see 42\64 players for example,then you connect to such server and see 0 or lower amount of players, this is what about i spoke earlier (its only for private ranked server, its not working on official servers, but sadly thing, that on off.servers you can see 99% time a n army of cheaters,thx to EA anticheat policy). But if you see 64\64 and 15-20 ppl in a queue, its ddos attacks. Dice cant fix this around 3 years. They fixed some of problems but now most bf4 wellknown servers 24\7 under ddos attacks.
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