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BF4 Pressing PLAY does nothing. Game won't start at all

by Uribante

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BF4 Pressing PLAY does nothing. Game won't start at all

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Got Windows 7 Ultimate, Double NVidia Titan with latest drivers. I have downloaded and reinstalled Origin and BF4 several times and it doesn't solve the issue.


When I press play it does nothing. Tried reinstalling the C++ packages also, no results.


Any thoughts?

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Re: BattleField Wont Launch

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mreagle65 wrote:

Hey I just got this game today and when it was done installing everything I clicked play and nothing happens.  No error or even like a screen showing that its launching it does not launch off of Origin which is really making me upset cause I want to play and my game wont launch. 


I looked through a lot of problems people were having with launching and one of them involved punkbuster not being installed which I checked and it never installed when I said to have it installed.  I have installed punkbuster and still does not work.  My computer meets all the requirements for the game and I tried reinstalling it and had it repair install to see if there was files missing but still it does not work.  I have star wars of the old republic on there and I can launch that perfectly but I can't have anything pop up for battle field when I click play nothing happens and its really making me upset because I am a huge battlefield fan and it ain't working for me so please get back to me on this I want to be able to play tomorrow.


Thank You for your time.

It's probably because the game tries to launch through your browser, christ knows why. Don't ask.


This is the site:


Login to the site on IE, install battlelog and play from there.

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Cant launch BF4

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Hi, i have fully downloaded and installed BF4 beta on my pc via origin, I have also updated my graphics card. Whenever i click play nothing happens i have a decent pc and meet all the requirements any ideas?

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Re: Cant launch BF4




Open origin:  right click on BF4, and click "repair install" if there is some missing files for bf4 system going to download itStandard smile


Regards, Libever 


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BF4 just won't start

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I downloaded it and installed it but when I try to start the game it just does nothing.  I click the shortcuts and nothing happens at all when I log into the battlelog I can click stuff and change stuff there but again when I try to start a game single or mulitplayer it just sits there nothing happens.

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Re: BF4 Pressing PLAY does nothing. Game won't start at all

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Exacly the same for me! Cant even start the Campaign.... Reinstalled punkbuster aswell...


Nothing happens when clicking play, VERY Frustrating


Win 7 Ultimate, Intelcore i7, Geforce GTX 470



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Re: BF4 Pressing PLAY does nothing. Game won't start at all

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Almost an entire day and no one from EA answers. I wonder why they are so willing to sell this game and throw Betas while it is not even ready for use. I am glad I didn't waste my money in prereleases. This makes me feel like I have to go back to CoD, being Steam the worst junk of all times it is much already to even consider going back there.

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Single player or multiplayer wont even start

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I click to play the single player campaign but nothing happens. Same thing for when i try to join a multiplayer server. I clcik to play and nothing at all happens, it just sits on the battlelog. I surpass the minimum system requirements and have updated my drivers already. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Re: Single player or multiplayer wont even start

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Hi ghost0095,


To help others to help you out, please answer the following questions.
-What is your operating system, archinecture(32bit or 64bit).
-Did you check new updates and try to repair install on Origin?
-What video cards are you using.
-Did you configure any compatibility settings?
-Which bf4.exe did you try to run, 32bit or 64bit?
-And what is the Direct X error.(if it exists) The first line is enough to identify the problem.


I hope this will help.
If this helps you, please click Accept The Solution and do not forget to hit XP button!

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Re: Single player or multiplayer wont even start

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I have almost the same problem, there is no error code just a failure to start. Like I'll press start campaign and it lights up to convey that I pressed it but literately nothing happens. When I try to play a mp game I click on a server and it will say joining so and so serer forever and ever and never join.To answer your question to his question. My operation system is vista 64 bit, yes I checked for new updates and even repaired. Im using a Geforce Gtx 570(that has up to date drivers) I never messed with any settings. And I never ran any of the exe.s I just installed the game from the disk and hit play as soon as I could. And here I am now.

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Re: BF4 Pressing PLAY does nothing. Game won't start at all

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I've done everything just short of reformatting and still... NOTHING! No initialization at all from 3 different browsers.

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