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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

by BuckoBonzai

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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

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It is not pirated software, it is not drivers not being up to date, it is not my hard drive's firmware, it is not my malware protection, it is not anything but BF4 causing this problem for me.  Also, it is not having the latest punkbuster install, it is not having the latest "bug fix" for BF4.  this is a serious issue affecting many gamers.  and as you can probably tell, i have gone through great lengths trying to find a fix on my own.  I will be requesting a refund soon, this is unplayable and utterly disappointing.

AMD Phenom X6 3.2 ghx

Windows 8

8 GB DDR3 1333

ATI HD 5870 2 GB

Samsung 840 pro SSD

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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

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This is super nonsens.

I am trusly starting to believe that there is a silent agreement between EA and AMD to make us buy newer graphic cards...I cant find any reason for this to happen 3 weeks after launch.

and what pisses me off the most, is that no one in EA, DICE or AMD had any update on this thing.

I consider this piece of software a virus. a DDOS we payed 60$ for.

Why wouldnt ea respond?? do you now understand why you were chosen the worst company in the US?




Are you enjoy the act of watching your community go nuts?

I've been a radeon user since Radeon 8500. and a BF player since BF1942. this is really not fair.


Now, to top this anger, I had a converstion with an EA representative. excuse me for not being sorry for my english, because i dont really care right now.

this is the conversation:

info: You are now ready to chat with EA rep.
EA rep: Thanks for contacting EA Customer Experience, my name is EA rep. How may I assist you today?
EA rep: Hi
you: hello there
you: Im having performence issues with BF4
you: The game is leaking to memory
EA rep: can you please elaborate your issue  ?
you: after about 3-4 rounds of play, my computer utilizes 97% of memory
you: Ive got 8 gigs of ram
EA rep: Okay,
you: win 8.1, HD6950, and 8 gb of ram
EA rep: Please send me your DX DIAG resport .
you: ok, one moment
EA rep: Please attached the DX DIAG report in the case .
you: how do i attach the file?
EA rep: Please go with this link to attached your file  -
you: and, just you know, there is a post in your forum that reached 43 pages about this issue -
EA rep: there are some steps , please follow them and then i will be able to check the file and file will be attached in your case .
EA rep: once it attached , please let me know .
you: ok, its loading
you: attached and loaded
EA rep: Okay , Please let me check ,.
you: Does EA even heard about the issue?
you: its making quite a buzz around the internet. people cant play more then half an hour
EA rep: what is the total space of your c drive and what is the free space in this drive .
you: 120GB, 60GB free
you: 68GB free
EA rep: in which drive you installed the game .
you: C drive
you: its an SSD
EA rep: okay , i am providing you some troubleshooting steps and Hope this will resolve your issue . if it will not work then i will escalate your issue to expert team .
you: Look, its something that happens for a lot of people
EA rep: s
you: Every one with HD6000 series graphic cards is experiencing this issue
you: nothing have fixed it yet, no registry tweaks, no memory cache cleaners, no nothing
you: A product that leaks to memory is a very major issue, no one in the software or gaming industry releases a product that leaks to memory... its nonsense
EA rep: Please perform the system restore
EA rep: update your computer
EA rep: Repair/update game.
EA rep: Unplug all USB devices (aside from mouse and keyboard)
EA rep: Disable User Account Control
you: Look, pass it over to the people that fix this game, let them know there is a major issue with the game
EA rep: Disable Origin Overlay.
EA rep: Run the game in Admin Mode.
EA rep: Disable firewall/antivirus.
you: ok thank you
you: goodbye


Now, im not blaming the EA rep, but for me, considering the rep didnt even acknowledged the problems, proves that EA dont really care as much as we think.


I want to finish this post by thanking all the companies involved. im not trying to make them notice, as i lost all hope for this to happen, I want the community to know who we are dealing with.

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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

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I just want to give my 5 cent here.


I had issues about every 2nd game or so like the first week of BF4 however it seems it has been now at least 1 week without any issues at all.


What did I do? I have no clue to be honest . I have update to latest AMD drivers

At moment I am even runing it in Windows 7 Compability mode.


I am not sure which of these worked but 1 worked. Also I am runing 64bit one.


So for me it has stopped happening and I have played a lot the past week.

It stopped happening even before the client patch that was release few days ago so the patch did not fix it for me since it was fixed before that.


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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

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Same problem here.


After map change my RAM goes up to 99%.

Only way to fix it is to reboot the system.


I´ve had the same problem with Battlefield 3.

But I didn´t notice this problem with the Battlefield 4 Beta, so I decided to buy it.

Bad decision.


AMD Phenom II X4 BE 965

8 GB DDR3 1333

ATI Radeon HD 5850

Windows 8.1


Due to I had this problem with bf3, I lost my hope that it will ever be fixed.

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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

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Not that EA/Dice seem to care but this is also happening to me... so incredibly frustrating. But I guess thats what happens when you release an Alpha build 

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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

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i have the same issue.

16GB of RAM. only a few MBs are left. the second time this happended to me.

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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

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everyone who has complained here from time to time gives info on their rig. I don't suffer from the memory leak so here is mine. not sure if it will help but... I built the computer, no automatic updates, pretty current on os, video driver, game, etc, up to date. my bios and such haven't been updated for years.


however I do crash to desktop within minutes of playing. both os. I built my brothers computer, recent new mb, gtx 570, everything else the same as mine, he plays without one single problem using win 7. so you talk frustration. not on my level.


i7 2600k cpu @3.4 ghz

16 gb ram

64 bit


win 7 on hdd

win 8.1 on sdd

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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

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Same problem here.


Windows 8.1

Core i5-3570K

AMD Radeon HD6950 (latest beta driver but same issue with official one and other beta versions between both)

BF4 installed on C drive (128GB Corsair ForceGT SSD).


Had the same with in the beginning of BF3...gone as it appeared some months after release...


I have twitted @CatalystCreator about this :

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Re: BF4 PC Memory leaking? 94% Memory usage with 12GB

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I was able to play without crashes. interesting.


so I had risk manager open during the game and under performances I saw this:


cpu usage 40-50%


memory 5.33 gb

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