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BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

by feed_the_dead

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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

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Here we go guys, here's the wetransfer link for my prefs file


Just replace yours with this. 


And to there cloud data questions, it doesn't effect this as the on the lauch of the game it checks local and cloud data for the latest version and if your local data is newer than the cloud data is asks you which one you want to use and then it syncs everything together.


Let me know how it does on here.


You're welcome!

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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

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jcrosara, unfortunately it didn't fix the jets and helicopters for me. The left trigger is still disabling Pitch/Roll no matter what they are bound to when you are flying in first person. 


Edit: I found the solution here! "ConceptZoom.3.button" is the culprit. There are 3 instances of it in the PROFSAVE_profile file; heli, jet, and ground vehicle. It is set to "14" by default which is the left trigger. This is why jcrosara's config didn't work for me, his jet.ConceptZoom.3.button setting is still 14. 


All you need to do is set all of them to a bogus key and this issue will go away. Finally I can fly! :D

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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

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This works! I changed all mine to 101

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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

[ Edited ]
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Editing ConceptZoom entries worked for me too.  I got rid of the left-trigger-problem and now have a perfectly working free-look on my xbox controller.


Here are the step by step instructions:


0. Set the key bindings in the game's key bindings menu as you whant them and save the settings.

1. Quit the game.

2. Open PROFSAVE_profile file in a text editor.  The file is in Documents\Battlefield 4\settings folder.

3. Locate in the file this entry:


4. Change the numeric value after this entry to the same value that stands after


5. As described in Steps 3 and 4, change the value for entry


    and then for


6. Save the PROFSAVE_profile file.

7. Enjoy!


NOTE1: You may need to remove all other GstKeyBinding.heli.ConceptZoom.# entries where # is the number 4 and higher.


NOTE2: You may need to switch from cockpit view to 3rd person view and back, for the free look to start working in jets and helis.


NOTE3: If on starting the game first time after the change, Origin reports that your local saves do not match the saves from the cloud, choose to use your local saves (not those from the cloud).


Thanks to all who helped in figuring this out!


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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

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You Rock ............ This works .

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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

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Can you help with right click key binding for a mouse in single player.  A friend helped with the issue in multi-player under profsave works fine in multi-player, but not in single.  ka1yna, what you did is what a friend of mine helped with as well ( you guys are awesome ) however I still need to bind right-click in single player.  Can you help Confusedmileyhappy:

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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

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Mice like the deathadder from razer has the option to use a macro to cause the RC button on the mouse to mimick a keystroke on the KB. instead of trying to change the settings in the game, tell the mouse to say Q such as I do. this way i can spam the spot button while moving lol

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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

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FYI...THIS DID WORK! BE CAREFUL THOUGH.>>>Between having BF4 settings editor, cloud saves, and repair installs from Origin...those conceptzoom.3 files can easily be put back into your settings. That happened to me. At first I thought this didn't work for me. ENJOY!

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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

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I have the deathadder 2013, it didn't work..but, thanks..right click is not working on binding to side button

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Re: BF4 PC Duplicate key bindings

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I don't know how to fix bindings in the single player.  You can start a new thread for this problem.  Then you will have more chances to find a solution.

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