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BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

by Ranga1995

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BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

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Re: BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

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I have the same issue. I have the digital deluxe edition and a premium account i have downloaded the 800mb patch and i have downloaded the expansion as well. it is not greyed out evrything is fine until i got to luanch china rising and it kicks me out of the server i have tries to repair install on all my battlefield content and check for updates but when i go to repair and install updates on my china rising it  give me this "we're sorry, an error occurres while downloading your game. please try again later. [65538:15000] that is exactly what it says. only i cant download it again or anything thats all that comes up. what should i do??

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Re: BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

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Same issue here. I contacted EA chat support. Got the run around for a massive 2 hours. Telling me to redownload, then not to redownload it was a issue with my account.


The person removed the pre-order copy of china rising which was conflicting with the early acess premium version. (I had 2 china risings on my account apperently) 


Then he gave it back because he removed the early access on accident. After 2 hours of waiting and talking with a rep that asked me to wait for along time everytime i told him a problem. Multiple waits inbetween him "asking the team" or "getting my supervisior" I've come to the conclusion that chat support doesn't really do anything to solve your issue and they are just a middle man. 


After the two hours and not helping me one bit he told me that it will fix itself and "it takes time for our servers to update your account" He then told me multiple times I wouldn't need to contact customer support again after I explained to him I really didn't want to wait another 2 hours to get no help. 


Then at the end he told me to contact support if it still doesn't work in a few hours. So I assume he isn't sure what he did was going to actually fix the problem. Either way, I can say this isn't a problem on our end. It's deffently a EA/DICE issue once again.


I love the game but I'm getting really sick of this horrible way they do business. The game was pushed out super fast, probably to take away some of the CoD audience before the new game came out. I understand they are trying to make money, but going about it the wrong way, and burning bridges on their way there. The real Dice/BF fans our dwindling with each bug, crash, and countless other problems this broken, half of a game that still should be in BETA.


Good luck you two, Hope this issue "fixes itself" like the rep told me. If it doesn't I'll go ahead and call in to support tomorrow to talk to someone who can actually help me. Might be a language barrier with chat support since I believe there chat support is in India. There customer support center for phone calls should be able to help out more.

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Re: BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

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I have the samne problem.

guthar: do you still have it? Or was it fixed?

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Re: BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

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still not fixed. 6 hours later or so.

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Re: BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

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We are aware that some Premium players, mostly on Playstation and PC, not having access to their Premium Expansion.


If you are not able to access your China Rising expansion on Playstation 3 or Playstation 4please try following steps:


  • Log into the PlayStation Network Store
  • Search for Battlefield 4
  • Select Add-Ons
  • If you premium access, China Rising should be available for download without any additional cost

If you are PC player:


  • Log out of your Origin client
  • Close the Origin process with your Windows Taskmanager
  • Reboot your PC
  • Start Origin, login and check your BF4 game details page.

(Please keep in mind that you need to download the BF4 Expansion from the Origin game details page. You can find Expansions as well as additional content as icon on the bottom of the details page.)

If you still have this issue after following the steps above, you will need to get in contact with one of our Game Advisor for a further check of your entitlement. After a short verification process, you will need to provide following information:


  • PNS Persona name
  • Origin E-Mail
  • Purchase date of Premium

We keep you updated as soon as we have additional information. - eabastian


Hope this helps
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Re: BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

★★ Novice go here and do life chat with any advicer he will ask for your security question after u get veryfide u will get code, i have downloaded and its work

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Re: BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

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I spoke to but but didn't need to give any security answers for verification or anything apparently I gotta wait a lil while they made some changes n I should b bake to download n play china rising later
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Re: BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

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I tryed the steps that was mentioned by the mod and didn't worked. Still can't play China Rising and I'm a Deluxe Edition user.

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Re: BF4 PC China Rising DLC Problem

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I tryed the steps and restarted. Didnt work.. ?  I am a premium user. why cant i play?


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