BF4 Not saving progress.

by chas07

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BF4 Not saving progress.

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I am using BF4 Standard Edition Single Player.  I am a new player and had hopes I would like this game. So far, that is not the case.

My game does not save my progress.  Upon leaving the game and later returning I have to go through the intro and listen to music and decide to shoot out the vehicle window..  One time 

was normal, having to repeat this every time I log in is not normal. 

I have uninstalled and repaired the game, but the issue still haunts me.

Please help.


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Re: BF4 Not saving progress.

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Even though the bf4 campaign feels unfinished with glitchy npc's the charcter's clipping through the geometry, and a door to the void you can blow open in the skyscraper level, I still love it! 

















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