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BF4 For PC Slow Loading/No Gun Bug

by gijoe131313

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BF4 For PC Slow Loading/No Gun Bug

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Since day 1 ive been having many issues with BF4. Nine times out of ten when I join a server it loads literally forever and on the off chance it does actually load me into the server I spawn with no guns. I have a very fast computer and there is no hardware reason as to why it takes upwards of 5 minutes to load into a map.


It matters not if i change my loadouts, play with any settings. I spawn with no weapons, then after 30 seconds my pistol appears floating, then another 30 seconds or so after that my guns finally appear. Most of the time im dead before my primary will even appear. Also in the spawn screen the only class that has all weapons/gadets is the assault class. For the first 10 minutes all other classes have no pictures for any of the weapons/ gadgets.


I also get the common sound bug where I cant hear my own footsteps/gunshots etc. This goes intermittently on and off.


In addition to all of this the single player campaign is completely broken as well. It takes about 5 tries to load the mission, then as soon as I open the door where your team mate nearly kills you, he doesnt do anything. You can walk into the room and the AI is just staring at the ceiling in a weird position and if you take any steps you clip into the ground and fall to your death. This happens repeatedly every time I load the mission.


Pretty much unplayable as of right now.


I am running the 331.65 Nvidia driver, tried both Firefox and Chrome with no luck. I also tried doing a repair of the game files which it said I had no corrupt files. Short of completely deleting and reinstalling im not sure what else to do. And im NOT redownloading 26GB of stuff.


Computer specs:

Asus P9X79 Pro Mobo

Intel 3930k CPU


8 GB ram

1000W PSU

OS and BF4 are both installed on a SSD


Any help is appreciated.

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Re: BF4 For PC Slow Loading/No Gun Bug

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I have the exact same problem, bf4 is on an SSD. all other games load fast, bf4 .. i load halfway through the round.



i7 3770k

gtx 770

8 gigs ram

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Re: BF4 For PC Slow Loading/No Gun Bug

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Reinstalled the game last night. Then I went into Nvidia control panel and forced on multithreading to attempt to make the load times faster. The first game I joined, it still loaded hella slow but atleast I had all my weapons. Second time I joined a server it loaded a bit quicker but then I had no weapons again.


Seems to be something on battlelogs side.

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Re: BF4 For PC Slow Loading/No Gun Bug

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This worked for me in BF4 nvidia

Hope it helps.


OOPs didn't read above Confusedmileyfrustrated:

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