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BF4 Beta not or maybe taking long to load

by freexavier

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BF4 Beta not or maybe taking long to load

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BF4 Beta is taking long to load or maybe not working at all. Its stuck at Loading Level. Please fix this.

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Re: BF4 Beta not or maybe taking load to load


Welcome to the Battlefield 4 Beta Madness!

The beta is now in it's first stages and a lot will happen. ONE thing that will sadly not happen is that everything will go smooth. It's a beta, it's designed to find weak points and bugs so the launch of the real game will go smooth. You cannot expect a beta go smooth and everything to work, even if you payed extra to be in the beta.
You can expect all kind of problems like, beta not appearing, downloading, installing or starting. Servers, Battlelog, Origin etc. might also go down or be unstable.

Now, what you can do is:
-Wait! No reason to post questions about things not working if 1000 others have already done so.
-Search for solutions (using the handy dandy searchfields) on Battlelog and AnswersHQ (trust me, 2000 people had this problem before you did Wink )
-Look at Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Battlelog and AnswersHQ for status updates from Battlefield
-Wait for EA and Dice people to identify and fix the problems as they occour
-Look at similar BF3 problems - it's the same engine, many solutions will be the same.
-Chillax, all good things come to those who wait Standard smile
-Realise that you are not directly contacting EA, if you wanted to contact EA, even after reading all this and also knowing that the wait-time is going to be huge, then use the search bar to see how, there's a gazilion posts where it's mentioned.

Also: General information links:
General Beta Information:
Exclusive Beta Information:
Battlefield 4 Premium Information:
Battlefield 4 Preorder Information:
Preorder Code Redemption Issues:
Beta Not Appearing Information:

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Re: BF4 Beta not or maybe taking load to load

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I can wait for the fix, but I really wanna play now.

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Re: BF4 Beta not or maybe taking load to load

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I have been waiting all year for them to fix the problem where BF3 doesn't launch. I got this problem the day after I had bought Premium. BF4 is having the same issue and I doubt they will do anything about it. I checked the internet every week for a solution to the launch error, I even sent in a support message and they responded with restart PC/Origin 3 months later. 

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Re: BF4 Beta not or maybe taking load to load

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Hey, I agree, how frustrating pre paying for something that isn't loading. I am having the same problem amd there seems to no answer or suggestions from either EA or DICE. A very dissapointing start to BF4 - even if it is only the BETA. like you, I want what I paid for.

Even as I type this out, i am attempting to join a server..same message as 50 attempts before, "Loading Server"

All my buddies and clan members are experiencing similar issues.


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