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BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

by Tobsinflops

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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

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Win 8

i5 3570k

8gb ram

GTX 760 beta drivers 



game runs like a DREAM....average 70 fps on ultra 


only one issue ....if i don't set the CPU priority to low whenever the game is about to launch it will crash ....most of the time when my character dies! 


is anyone having the same issues i am? or a fix has been found yet that i dont have to do the alt+Tab+Del every time i launch the game!



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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

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i have the new AMD 9590 with 2 xfx 7970 in crossfire and running on Windows 8.1 i get massive cpu usage spikes upto around 95% 
i have tried to run it in compatability mode windows 7 and xp and on the occasional try it has cause my PC to blue screen 
with many people commenting on the same thing using AMD chipset i have a feeling that may be something to do with it 

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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

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Actually they did say that but you do not know how to read the posts in the forums obviously...


 eabastian wrote

"Guys I am really happy that we are getting so many confirmations that the issue is fixed for the majority of our community."


So you saying that nobody said it was fixed for the entire community proves you have no clue as to what you are talking about...

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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

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Do you know what runs like a DREAM, means?


Your game crashing, having to alt tab, set CPU priority to low, IS NOT A GAME THAT RUNS LIKE A DREAM... are you serious lmfao?


You must be an alpha tester, one of the guys who said game is ready for beta release.  OMG


Apparently people sacrifice quality and game play for graphics and money

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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

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what i ment like a dream is once inside the game 



when the beta started i was one of the ones saying WTF! im impressed thou by the fixes coming so fast be honest i thought this was going to bomb!


as soon as they fix that problem for me ill be purchasing it ....if the beta ends and there is no fix ...ill hold my money 

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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

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Games today have turned kids into mindless zombies of nothing...

Games lack quality of play and uniqueness. 

People have sacrificed quality for graphics and money. 

Games do not need fancy graphics and games that show live ADs while we play on line. 

Why are people Pre-Ordering games and DLC. 

MODS and New Maps used to be free to the community, now they charge every penny they can out of over priced fancy graphics but no gameplay.

We can no longer use MODS

I have gone back to BF2 and BF1942 cause the COOP mods with BOTS and friends is awesome!!!  Plus my video card plays it like a BOSS

Playing aginst bots is more fun cause I am not playing against, hackers or spawn killers, arrogent kids that just fly the planes and crash into everything... 

Nothing original has come out in years. 

No strategy or tactics even in strategic and multiplayer games.  Every Map funnels you to your target which turns into camping somewhere on every map 

Multiplayer games are designed now to not even play with others on the map or use teamwork.  I do not mind Lone Wolf, but team work should be required in a Multiplayer map.

Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt has more originality than anything in years.


SWAT 4 by Sierra is the best tactical game every created, hands down.  The tactics are off the hook!  Even made several years ago so all computers can play the game maxed out and the graphics look amazing now, the game is like 5 bucks, but best game ever made!!!  EA and DICE and Battlefield community, take ideas from SWAT 4 to make your game better not a dying game like COD or MOH lmfao.

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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

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Depending on where I"m at, I have two systems that I use to play the game..  The two updates have significantly improved  game performance on the newer system.... Both with the latest geforce 331.40 driver.


System 1

Core i7 3930k @4.4ghz HT enabled

rampage iv extreme mobo

2x gtx780 classified hydrocopper

16gb ddr3 2133

samsung 840 pro 500gb ssd (game installed)

3x 2tb hdd.


Game runs nearly flawless with the rare stutter (2-3 per game round)


System 2

Core i7 990x HT enabled

rampage iii extreme

24gb ddr3 1600

2x gtx 580 hydrocopper 3gb

2tb wd hdd (game installed)


I get frequent stutters when I turn toward a busy area.. don't know if its the hdd lagging, or the game.. BF3 runs flawless on this system.

I will try and see how the game runs by after disabling hyper-threading

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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

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Fuokdat, actually please read for yourself.  You sir don’t know what you are talking about… eabastian wrote MAJORITY! Meaning not everyone see the difference.


Please you call everyone kids… and yet you whine like one… if you don’t like the way videogames are made today go play some chess I assure you it’s tons of fun makes your brain work… try it…


"Nothing original has come out in years", why sir you should come up with your own ideas for videogames… or maybe it’s time for you to give up on videogames for good.


Anyway videogames are about having fun… COD a dying game… sir you sure don’t know what you are talking about…


Relax your fix will arrive… Confusedmileyvery-happy:

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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

Community Manager (retired)

I am sorry for everyone who still suffers performance issues. Please keep in mind that if we are talking about PC's, we are talking about thousands of various hardware setup. We can improve our gameclient and help tweeking and troubleshooting but sadly there is no world without performance or other PC related issues.


Please check the workarounds from our community in this topic and get sure that you try following troubleshooting steps:


Windows 7:
Update Windows to the latest version, SP1 is recommended and helped several people to fix this issue. We have the highest rate of solved issues with this workaround.


If you are playing the Battlefield 4 Beta with a Radeon or Geforce card, please make sure to install their respective Beta drivers: Radeon 13.10 Beta Drivers Geforce 331.40 Beta Drivers


Please keep in mind that some graphic setups, especially from your graphic card control center, can cause trouble.
Go to your custom settings of your video-card software. Disable all extra options for enhanced graphics and set the preferences for AA and anisotropic to “use application settings” or even disable it. Disable especially all graphic boosts from your Nvidia control center or ATI catalyst application.
Check your task manager; disable ALL not needed third party applications.
If you are running SLI or OC cards, disable your SLI Bridge aka your overclocking option (if possible).

You can find the file to manually change your graphic settings under: C:\Users\User X\Documents\Battlefield 4\settings


Make sure BF4.exe is added to the whitelist of your firewall. We recommend to disable all firewall/antivirus software before launching the gameclient.


Update Punkbuster manually:
Put each PunkBuster exe into Compatibility Mode. For 64 bit OS's the PunkBuster exe's are located here:
Put your BF4 exe into Compatibility Mode as well.



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Re: BF4 Beta - Massive lags because of CPU usage

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I am understand software more than most people, I have my own very successful IT company!  

I do help spread ideas and sell info to game companies and help QA test, I get paid to do it for them.


I have tried every fix for BF4 on Windows 7 even doing 7 clean installs with new and beta drivers.  The game is unplayable for me and too much tweaking.  It works out of the box with windows 8 but I am not going to upgrade to windows 8, not ever in my life.  I did for testing but not doing it anymore.  Run a personal firewall and look at how much it is sending and collecting with out you knowing....


I understand there are many different types of hardware specs out in the market, but considering how well it plays on Windows 8 and how horrible it plays on Windows 7 shows that QA was focused on Windows 8 or the people you were paying to test Windows 7 were not actually doing their jobs.


Considering how much of the game is missing, this is only a ALPHA test, not a Beta test... sorry but that is the way it is.


Decided to not purchase Battlefield Franchise anymore and move onto other games, the lack of IT guidance in the game and the Call of Duty direction the game is taking, has made most people I know quit playing the game.... 


have a good life BF friends it was fun for the last 10 years!!  




Plus when you watch the Battlefield Gameplay videos all you ever see is one guy running around, rarely ever see actual teamwork in the game or videos unless someone is trying to give you ammo or revive but even then... that is all you see, no real squad team work doing actual tactics...


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