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BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

by uberanwar123

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BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

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Ok small brief about my pc and my game.

First of all.. My old pc was pretty bad, and funny part.. my BF3 loaded in to games RLY fast!

I felt my PC was a bit bad. got a new one, installed BF3 to it.. WTF?? The loading screen takes ages?!?! should i reinstall it or not is the question.. I never bothered to do it because that's **bleep**ing retarded.. having to reinstall a big game like bf3 again just to see if my loading screen is faster..

Anyway.. i thought it was just some minor issue with bf3.. my other friends tho in bf3.. loaded in to games 10x faster.. yes u heard me.. 10 times faster..

anyway, bf4 released.. why the **bleep** is my loading screen over 1-2min??

And i have had so much BS with EA support before, but i cant be arsed because EA is a joke.. Not Dice tho..

Anyway.. my friends i always play with who got worse PC WAAAAAY worse connection then me.. some dude has 10mb/s.. i got 100..

He loads in 5-10 sec.. so what's the issue here? how do i have to fix this **bleep**t?

I already have the latest **bleep**ty windows uppdate.. i deleted some windows update files also to see if that was the issue.. nop..

I have the latest drivers.. Believe it or not, i said this so many times when having issue with a game that i have the latest drivers.. But hey we have a stupid EA supporter.. UUGH did you download the newest drivers? it should fix it..

or did you open the ports to the game? when i wrote on my ticket before.. all ports are opened and a picture is linked or whatever.. **bleep**.. i hate to w8 10000 years to get in to the game and not get the damn planes!!!

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Re: BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

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What is the Read/write speed of the drive that you have installed Battlefield on?

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Re: BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

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this is what i found on the website on the hard driver i got my Origin installed on.

WD Desktop Green 2TB SATA 6Gb / s (SATA 3.0), RPM = IntelliPower, 64MB, 3.5 "

  • WD20EARX   <-----  is the codename of the Hard drive to find the Exactly one since there is more then 1 Green 2TB.

Performance Drive Transfer 600 MBps (external) Internal Data Rate 123 MBps


Heck. why dont i just write my whole specs.

CPU: Intel® Core i7-2600K Processor


RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 16GB CL9


POWER: Corsair TX V2 850W PSU

Hard Drive 1: Corsair SSD Force Series 3, 240GB 2.5"

Hard Drive 2: Western Digital Caviar® Green 2TB


Also forgot to add. im using Windows 7

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Re: BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

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It does not look like a slow hardware problem...


Reinstall directX and VC from "(BF3 DIR) /__Installer/"


Test if the AntiVirus / Protection software is slowing it down (Disable them and try to join a server.)

Join a Server without PunkBuster.


Update the Graphic driver (if not allredy)


Update motherboard (Chipset, LAN, Sata...)


Open Run (start+r) ResMon.exe (ResourceMonitor) Check if there is someting running in the background.


// "Last resort"

Try this:


Change the poweroption to performance (Controllpanel -> Hardware & Sound -> power options)


Hope this helps.


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Re: BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

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How do i reinstall the DirectX and VC?.

Dont have Antivirus/protection activated.

Graphic driver updated.

Reinstalled PB.

My resource monitor looks OK.

Now im looking at my motherboard and i should've updated it.. but cmon.. look how many **bleep**t there is? im not so good with motherboard files and updates like that..

what of those files should i download? there is like 10 different files doing different **bleep**t?:S

HELP! this is the last thing to check off to see if this thing helped.



// "Last resort"

Try this:

Already done this before. Nothing changed.. still havent active.

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Re: BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

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Driver and tools -> Win Version



chipset: On Version, Global.

LAN Driver Version, Global.

Asmedia SATA Controller Driver V1.3.4.0 (I dont know if there is 2 versions of this board with different sata controllers, So this might be wrong.)


Get DirectX here:


You could get the latest USB and AUDO drivers if you havent got them allredy.


Have you checked windows update on optional drivers?, It might be something there.

Also, test if unpluging any unnecessary drives/usb devices makes any difference

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Re: BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

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Listen craploads of people are hacing the same issue.  I love the ea response which is instead of trying to identify a real problem is hey wft, just check the whole damn thing.  Well hate to tell EA the problem is with probably 65% or more of their customers.

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Re: BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

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I am having serious issues when I am booting up BF4 on PS3


I do not know exactly what the problem is but game seems to load ok when I start up but then after it synchs my trophies and I get to the main screen of BF4 and press the start button I keeps loading with the city horizon and ultimately even after waiting for half an hour nothing happens.


I have tried in the mean time so many options up to reformatting the whole system but am still unable to connect.


strange thing is that when I reformatted my system thus also had no PSN account I was able to play the capaign mode but I reconfigured my PSN account and now I am stuck again not getting to the selection screen where I can choose to play multi or campaign mode.


Can anyone help me please I tried to contact already ea help where I tried to open a chat with one of the EA advisors but am waiting for more than 1 hour now where waiting queue is indicated below 5 minutes 



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Re: BF4 + BF3 Loading Issue. Takes long to load!

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The game itself is **bleep**. The files are too packed and take too long to decrypt at the start of match.

Its bad programming, not the customer driver issues. If 50% or more people have the issue, its not their fault. Its YOURS

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