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Absolutely Unreal....

by WoodroweBones

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Absolutely Unreal....

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Bit of background story (I'm assuming this is an old story).....


I pre-ordered BF4 and was one of the many affected by the dreaded memory leak that eventually uses up all your RAM and turns your game into an unplayabale mess. I put up with this garbage for months playing anywhere from 5-20 minutes in between reboots (map changes were the worst it seemed). Eventually I stopped playing. It was unbearable. I was running:


Core 2 Quad Q6600

Gigabyte P35-DS3L


Radeon HD 6950

Asus Xonar DG


Just recently I upgraded (finally) to an ASUS Z97-A with a Core i5 4690K and 8GB RAM. Being that it was over a year later I figured there was 0 chance I'd have the same issue. Well imagine my surprise when about an hour into playing (apparently the extra affords me some extra playing time) the EXACT same issue happens yet again. My memory usage is pegged and the game is completey unplayable.


At this point I dont even care if its AMD or EA/DICE/BF4. The fact that it still happens is unacceptable. It doesnt happen in any single one of the other dozens of games I have. The worst part is I was convinced to purchase the premium for all the DLC just before we started playing. I guess thats all they really care about. have fun with the last bit of $$ I'll ever spend on any of this junk

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Re: Absolutely Unreal....


It's your graphics card driver+bf that is causing the memoryleak so yes a new cpu wont fix it.


According to a twitter message they might have found the issue along with amd:


Nothing more to say really, over 1 year for an error to be fixed is too long but nothing more to do than wait for the beta I guess.

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Re: Absolutely Unreal....

Are you using Mantle or Direct X with you AMD card? If using Mantle try direct X, otherwise it may very well be the memory leak issue that Carbonic has been tracking since launch.

The weird thing is doesn't affect all AMD cards, I have an HD 8970M in my second gaming PC and memory is fine.
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