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Re: sound and launch problems BF3

by NLSensAsian

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sound and launch problems BF3

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Hey people,


First of all, sorry for this messy and long post, but I think it's handy if I give a full picture of what is going on.


I recently started picking up BF3 again and when I just reinstalled in and tested it, it would start and load but after a while I got a troubleshooter popping up saying there is a compatibility problem and the game has to be shut down. So of course I run a new troubleshooter and see what the recommended plan is, that was running it with compatibility for windows 8, this worked but kind of messed up the settings of my laptop. After restarting my laptop, the game wouldn't launch anymore, my laptop's settings went back to normal but BF3 wouldn't launch even with the compatibility settings, getting the error that either the game or Origin might not be up-to-date. Now I finally got it to work with some help I found on this forum (close Origin and log in on battlelog beforehand, and starting Origin with the battlelog), but now I don't have any sound in game.

If anyone could help me to fix both that would be great.


PS. this might be important information; I'm using windows 10 (bought the laptop with windows 10 on it) and because I have a Realtek soundcard I had to update the driver changing it to the integrated soundcard.


If you need any other specs or information, I'm more that open to provide it.


For a second time, thanks for reading and helping me

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Re: sound and launch problems BF3

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good and sad news, got both of them to work finally (yay), but sadly enough I have encountered a different problem. When starting the game or when trying to load a saved game from campaign it sometimes suddenly stops and crashes, giving the good ol' windows pop up, stating that a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Now after 1 time of playing it and crashing I'm back to constantly crashing (either when starting up the game of loading a save file)

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Re: sound and launch problems BF3

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New update, after crashing for the first time when starting up the computer (it crashes when loading the game), Origin f**ks up and keeps hanging, unable to open it, log in or have any interaction with unless I shut it down via Task manager. Getting kinda sick of this ****, I just want it to work, but after fixing one thing another 3 problems show up, etc. etc. I already tried getting origin to work via the resolution thingy, but without success. So if you have any idea to fix this as well. I would appreciate it a lot!!!

I'm getting really tired and sick of this ****, as it turned out, trying to getting BF3 work has made all of my other games stop working (loading as well), not sure if it is EA/Origin or freaking windows 10 who can't get their sh*t together

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