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ping in battlelog doesn't work

by Gioman97_LOL

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ping in battlelog doesn't work

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Im having recently problem with battlelog not showing ping for filtered servers. Also in game my ping is like "-", instead of real value.

What is also mysterious it worked in the past.


Im using FF 15.1, I have multiple times reinstalled battle log plugin (1.138 is my version) without any positive effect. Adding a rule to enable inbound imcp connection does not help either (that was suggested when I talked to EA specialist). Even  disabling firewall on my computer does not change anything.

My wireless router has it's firewall disabled as well. IE9 show the same lack of ping like FF.  Check for updates in Origin reports all OK (I own B2K and CQ too)


In general I can play online games with no problems, just this nasty ping....


My OS is Windows 7 64bit, regularly updated, im running built in microsoft firewall, no other security SW besides antivirus is installed on my computer. My IP is private, hidden behind ISP local NAT.


Any ideas how to fix it?

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Re: ping in battlelog doesn't work

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Try to use different browser, works fine here with Fire Fox. Why can't you just check the country? If it's close it'll most likely have low ping.


Regards, Libever 


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Re: ping in battlelog doesn't work

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I tried IE9 and it's the same. What is really weird that worked fine in the past... Seriously I haven't changed a lot on my computer. Just updated for AK (which I have not yet activated) and that's it.

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Re: ping in battlelog doesn't work

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telling people to use a different browser is no answer don't say anything if you cant help these forums always full of no use comments like yours

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Re: ping in battlelog doesn't work

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I've got the same problem, I don't really care that I can't see it, but I keep getting kicked from servers because admins can't see my ping.

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Re: ping in battlelog doesn't work

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mine does not work as well

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Re: ping in battlelog doesn't work

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Same here and it did in the past.


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Re: ping in battlelog doesn't work

Outdoorguy236 wrote:

Same here and it did in the past.


There are a few factors that actually impact the ping showing in battlelog, either the brower or it could be you ISP blocking it.  if it's your ISP you'll need to contact them, if it's your browser try another browser or turn off any flash blockers, script blockers, etc in your browser that could be affecting this function.  I had this problem with Internet explorer and tried Firefox and Chrome and the pings showed up in the other browsers.  Several months later after an IE update my ping returned in Internet explorer so if your current favorite browser is the culprit you may be able to use it again down the road.

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