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by rikofwa

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when I start bf3 I get application error:          igoproxy64.exe- Application error.

                                                                       this application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). click ok to close application

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Re: igoproxy64.exe


There are some Antivirus's that will catch this & report it, it's a false postive, try to add it to your AV safe (whitelist, or exclusions) list.


You can also try uninstalling Origin and downloading it from here: Download Origin

Of course, if you have plugin's, you'll probably need to uninstall/reinstall those too...


I have seen a few people that found the Igoproxy64.exe file and simply changed it to Igoproxy65.exe and that worked...


Good Luck!



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Re: igoproxy64.exe

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I went to the BF4 folder and give administrator permisions to both igoproxy.exe and igoproxy64.exe and the problem was solved

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Re: igoproxy64.exe

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Rename it, forget it. Best solution ever, especially when they don't explain what it does Standard smile

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Re: igoproxy64.exe

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I started having this issue after updating Origin. Your method fixed it. Thanks!

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