[READ FIRST] Known Issues, Guides, How To's and FAQs on all platforms

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[READ FIRST] Known Issues, Guides, How To's and FAQs on all platforms

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Click on the spoiler tag to reveal the known / most correct solution to an issue you may be having. 


Hidden presentation / Feed on battlelog / Gravatar Hidden

If you feed / profile photo / Presentation is "Hidden By The Battlelog Administrators" You can post in the following thread to request it to be unhidden. Please remove anything that may violate the terms and service before posting as it will just remain hidden for a tos violation. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2979150493815320934/

Banned from battlelog / EA account ban

You will have to email account disputes. The email is accountdisputes@ea.com they can take 2 weeks or longer to reply. Please check the email associated with the account for more information on the ban (not all bans get an email like forum/battlelog bans)

Punkbuster and GGC-Stream Bans.


Note: EA support cannot do anything about these types of bans, It must be appealed through Punkbuster or GGC-Stream


Punkbuster bans: https://help.ea.com/article/punkbuster-bans-and-violations

Report other players (Cheating Harassment etc...)

If you want to report someone or already have, EA will investigate this report and take action in accordance with our Terms of Service. Due to our Privacy Policy, EA will be unable to disclose the results of this investigation, or any actions taken against the reported account. Read below on exactly how to report someone.

Xbox: Find their name in the recent players list > File Complaint > Cheating > Submit.
PSN: https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/218
Battlelog: http://help.ea.com/ca/article/how-to-report-a-cheater-to-battlelog-for-mohw-and-bf3/

Report a player on Origin:
1) Open your Friends List.
2) Click the '+Add a Friend' button.
3) Search for the Origin ID of the user you want to report.
4) Click on their name to open the user's Profile.
5) Click 'Report User' and tell us what sort of problem you're having.

Submit your report by contacting EA:
1) Go to our Contact Us page: http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/
2) For Product, select your game name
3) For Platform, select the appropriate platform
4) For Category, select "Report Cheating/Harassment" and describe the issue
5) Be sure to include as much information about the player in question in the Description, including screenshots, Videos and any other relevant evidence to prove they did something wrong.
6) Select the email option to submit.

False reports of another player is a violation of the Terms of Service and actions will not be taken against the player reported. Action may, however, be taken against players who fraudulently report. Read the full article on reporting users here: http://help.ea.com/en/article/how-to-report-cheating/

Linking and unlinking soldiers from your battlelog profile


Link a gamertag or PSN ID to your Origin account:

1. Log in to your Origin account

2. Click Friends -> Add a friend in the menu bar

3. The pop-up will give you the option to connect to Facebook, XBOX Live or Playstation Network. Choose your preferred option

4. Fill in your log-in details and follow the steps on screen

You're good to go. If you are unable to connect, it could be a temporary issue with the servers. Try again later and if the issue persists for more than 24 hours, contact EA support.




Unlinking a soldier from your profile / Origin account:


This must be done through customer support as you cannot do this for security reasons. Please note that ALL stats/unlocks/progression will be reset permanently for the account that gets unlinked, other accounts linked will remain fine and untouched.

Stats Resets, Hacked accounts and other account management issues


You will have to contact EA support for these types of issues, like email issues, password, security questions etc.

Use this link: https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/


If your account was compromised, Please read here on how to prevent it in the future: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/account/how-to-maintain-account-security/

Battlefield 3 how to update Punkbuster


Updating Punkbuster

1. Navigate to your Battlefield Folder(for example: C:\Origin Games\Battlefield3)

2. Start the "pbsvc.exe"as administrator


If the "pbsvc.exe" doesn't exist, download it here: http://www.evenbalance.com/downloads/pbsvc/pbsvc.exe


3. Start "Un-Install/Remove Punkbuster Service"

4. Delete all files inside "C:\Origin Games\Battlefield3\pb"(Not the folder itself, though!)

5. Download Punkbuster from http://evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsetup.php

6. Save the Setup in any folder on your computer

7. Start the Setup as administrator

8. Click "Add Game"

9. Choose "Battlefield 3" as game and make sure that the game path is your Battlefield 3 folder.

10. Click "Check for Updates"


If an update is available for Battlefield 3 PB, Punkbuster will start downloading it now.


11. Repeat step 1 and 2

12. Start "Install/Re-Install Punkbuster Service"


Punkbuster should be up-to-date right now and a restart is recommended.

How to Save Space on your Xbox360

How to save space on your X360 HDD 

If you have an Xbox 360 where you are constantly juggling items to get the free hard disk space you need, we might be able to help. You can potentially save more than 4GB worth of hard disk space by deleting obsolete Battlefield 3 multiplayer updates. 

NOTE: Make sure to follow the below instructions carefully so you don’t have to re-download any essential files unnecessarily. 

These packages can safely be removed from your Xbox 360 hard drive: 
Rent a Server/E-sports Update (1.1GB) 
Multiplayer Update 4 (1.5GB) 
Multiplayer Update 5 (1.8GB) 
You should not remove any other files from your HDD as the other packages are required to run Battlefield 3 and its expansion packs/DLC files. 

There are 2 possible scenarios to play Battlefield 3 Multiplayer online: 
If you do not wish to play any DLCs and just want to enjoy the original Battlefield 3 base game multiplayer maps, you can select either Scenario 1 or Scenario 2. 
If you wish to use any Battlefield 3 DLC expansion packs or DLC content such as the Rent a server functionality, you must use Scenario 2. 

Scenario 1: 
Accept the automatic Title Update when starting the game (if you haven’t already) and make sure to have your Online Pass installed. You can choose to ignore all of the Multiplayer Updates and just enter Multiplayer Online play. 

Scenario 2: 
Accept the automatic Title Update when starting the game (if you haven't already) and make sure to have your Online Pass, Multiplayer Update 6 and any DLC expansion packs installed that you wish to use. 

Minimum required files for Scenario 1: 
Battlefield 3 Title Update 
Online Pass 

Minimum required files for Scenario 2: 
Battlefield 3 Title Update 
Online Pass 
Multiplayer Update 6 

Plus any expansion packs you wish to use: 
Back to Karkand 
Close Quarters 
Armored Kill 
End Game 

Note that in order to use the Rent a server functionality, Kit Shortcuts, or any other DLC, you will need the latest Multiplayer Update (at the time of writing this is Multiplayer Update 6). 

Battlefield 3 fixes guide


PS3 Freezing issue, How to fix


1. Turn off Playstation 3.

2. Hold The power button down; The system will turn on and turn off once again.

3. Once the System has been shutdown, re-press you finger until you hear 2 consecutive beeps

4. When you hear the 2 beeps take finger off power button.

5. You will be prompted to plug in your controller via usb and then hit the PS button

6. The Recovery menu will pop up.

7. Select Restore File System.


This will delete any corrupt files off of your system. It won't delete any game data.

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