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Punkbuster crashing brand new system.

by Unit_07

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Punkbuster crashing brand new system.

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So my brand new rig crashes all the time when playing bf3, screen freezes, speakers buzz, CTRL-ALT-DEL does nothing and I have to force shutdown. On the 20th I get banned because punkbuster b cant communicate. After researching and figuring out how to get punkbuster to create a log to try and get my GUID so maybe I can look up the ban and maybe see what the problem is, I found out PB b has been having problems for weeks. thanks for the warning EA. now I cant even buy another game because the same thing will happen and the only thing I can figure is punkbuster has problems with brand new machines. I cant afford to buy a new computer I JUST BOUGHT THIS ONE!. I put in a ticket and got a spambot response that someone cheated on my account but they cant prove it was me. I USE TWO STEP VERIFICATION! THEY SHOULD KNOW THIS, AND TRY TO HELP ME. WHAT CRAPPY SUPPORT. I'm not even that good of a player, barely above average. lately I've been getting bored playing bf3 anyway, and play GTA5, OFFLINE LOL! I bought it and played online about two hours before I got tired of all the hacks.

EA you can just delete my account. I won't be coming back.

Unit_07 signing off.


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Re: Punkbuster crashing brand new system.

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Hello @Unit_07 


I am really sorry you have troubles playing the game, but we can`t do anything here about Punk Buster bans. If you think you have been sanctioned by mistake, you should contact Even Balance on this directly.


Additional information on Punk Buster bans 

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