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Origin Account - Hacked - Password changed then email address changed.

by Merzzy

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Origin Account - Hacked - Password changed then email address changed.

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Pretty much as the subject states.


My origin account was 'hacked' I had a password change email, followed two days later by an email address change email on the 15th of November.


I am now unable to change my password as the email has been swapped from my account.


I have had to go through the pain staking process or searching various websites trying to contact someone with this issue. But apparently to get anywhere i need an origin account (ridiculous considering it has been hacked). I have had to borrow my brothers to even try and contact someone with my issue. I spoke to someone on live chat. They basically said you need the product code. 


The issue being i purchased online, why would i keep a product code (which came via email) for over a year, when i know full well i give no account details ANYWHERE. 


I have no product code. And now seemingly no way of getting my account back. 


I have BF3 and BF3Premium.


Help needed.

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Re: Origin Account - Hacked - Password changed then email address changed.

Community Manager

If you believe your account has been compromised then please contact an EA Game Advisor immediately.


Please log in with a new Origin account and then choose "Product", "Category" and "Platform" to see the contact options.





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Origin Account Hacked!!!!!!!!

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Dear Origin/Ea,


A few minutes ago I received an email that "someone" changed my email address. However it was not me that changed the email address.

I can't login anymore or change anything on my account. 

I also tried to call ea support but they were closed and I tried to email ea but couldn't find a valid email address.


So what am I supposed to do now?









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Re: Origin Account Hacked!!!!!!!!

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can you log into origin? (i assume you cant)


if need to make a new ea account....log in to origin...and speak to one of their technicians...


u do that by going to origin the top....then click on "live chat" at the top of the help page..


good luck man

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Origin Account Hacked Tried All Other Options Need EA rep

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My origin account was hacked 2 days ago and i've been pissed as I haven't been able to play my games. The password was also changed so I can't use my origin ID. I have already sent an email and tried the live chat (comes up grayed out saying wait 5 minutes, 1.5 hours later same thing) still no reply from the email 2 days later. COME ON EA THIS IS BULL**bleep** one of the largest game customers have the worst customer service (go figure). I have already tried 3 browser for the live chat. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE.

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Re: Origin Account Hacked Tried All Other Options Need EA rep

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I also have a problem, changed email account hacked, and no help from support service

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Re: Origin Account Hacked!!!!!!!!

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Only EA customer support can help you with this problem. You should use the live chat or phone support for important problems like getting hacked. Under product select Battlefield 3, Under Category select Account/Registration, Under Platform select the platform.
You should see at the bottom Call Me Live Chat, Email Me. Select Either Call me or live chat (whichever one is available).

I hope you get your account back. Private message me if you get your account back, i would love to know. Standard smile

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Re: Origin Account - Hacked - Password changed then email address changed.

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Can someone please respond to this query?

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Re: Origin Account - Hacked - Password changed then email address changed.

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I too had this, had to speak to the Help line - they only really need your user id to access the account details.


You will find after they have re-instated the account that you now have a russian name. They may also tell you that you have had your email system hacked, but don't necessarily take that as gospel.

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Origin Account hacked.

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Hi my Origin account has been hacked and the email address i used to login changed.


I have recreated my prevous origin account.


Please advise how i can gain access to my old account.




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Re: Origin Account hacked.

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Mine too, EA are taking the sweet ass time about sorting it out though.


I take it you have created another account and spoken to support via the Live Chat tool ?


Dont be surprised if all your security question answers have been changed also as none of my details matched, I had to give them a game code so they could look it up(Still cant beat having an original disc).


I'm quite surprised that there is no validation process when email or security details get changed. Makes you wonder how many accounts got compromised so quickly, time for a new Admin or web developer I think ?

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