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Microphone not working

by nomis5678

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Microphone not working

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Me and my buddies like to play Battlefield on the PS3, but now most of the time when we join an Armored Kill match, We can't hear eachother. We pretty sure it's not our mics themselves, because the headset part still works but no one can hear eachother. It doesn't even show the little Mic symbol next to our names. It is frusterating and we're about to just start using Teamspeak because of it. 

Please Help.






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Re: Microphone not working

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PS3 seems to have ongoing issues with sound and voice chat. Test to be sure your Mic and your friends Mic work in other games. As long as they do, you can be sure one hundred percent that it isn't the problem.


Now, to approach this issue, you'd be best to make the problem known to Customer Support, to the Battlefield Twitter, or at least on Battlelog to get an admin's help. With all the sound issues PS3 has had, it may be something multiple people are experiencing, like a few months back before they fixed sound. I don't want to sound negative, but these sort of issues are usually widespread and take DICE/EA awhile to fix.


I'm not a PS3 user, so maybe someone else knows a secret trick I don't, but try asking about it on battlelog.

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Re: Microphone not working

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That issue is happening with me and others too  .. This started to happened after the patch .. till now no fix may be a small patch will come around to fix it soon Wink

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Re: Microphone not working

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you could use skype instead of your console headset , so you can still talk to your friends.

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Re: Microphone not working

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i have the problem to but i cant hear my friend and my friend doesnt hear me. but if i use the sound of my tv i can hear my friend. and for me the mic icon shows but if i am speaking it doesnt show i am speaking only that i have a mic plugged in. i tryed many things nothing seemed to work yet.iv heard poeple saying its becuas the headset uses bluethoout or is wirless bf3 has problems with it.i am using an turtle beach earforce X-ray if you want to look evrything up. id realy like to see that patched to becuas i just bought permium so i could play with my friend.

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