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Lag and Hit Detection

by mrbushgeorgew

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Lag and Hit Detection

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Maybe someone here can help me out.  I have always played the Battlefield series but am having a lot of trouble with lag and hit detection.  I have upgraded to a 50 meg internet service, forwarded ports for BF3, and still getting lagged out.  The problem seems to be especially when I am playing with people from outside the US.  Is there a secret to getting a setup where we can all play fairly?  I don't understand why there isn't a ping signal on everyone's name in the match so you can see who is causing the problem.  I did rent a server for the first 6 months it was available but because you can't see ping signals and can't set it up where only people from the US can join it is a complete waste of money.  I don't have any problem playing games with people from other countries but they have all figured out they have the upper hand and one of there clans will come in, lag the server out, and it makes it impossible to play.  I am extremely fed up with this and am thinking of not ever playing this game franshise ever again.  I have instances where I have to aim to the left of an enemy standing still just to hit him.  If I hold directly on I get no hits and they turn around and kill me instantly.


What can i do to get a better connection?







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