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Re: How to separate battlelogs

by gaudfather33

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How to separate battlelogs

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My dad and i both play battlelog, we at first used the same account and battlelog but since then i have made a new PSN account that only i play on. our problem is that the battlelogs are "together" mine is under his, and are a shared battlelog. we would like to separate them making mine its very own battlelog, with my email adress and password in stead of his. connected to my pc battlelog like i see others have.

how does one go about doing this ? i have his email and password aswell as my own. who do i contact to separate them ?

a thank you in advance.

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Re: How to separate battlelogs

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That sounds like your PSN account is linked to his Origin account. In order to separate both, he will have to contact a Game Advisor directly at as this requires account ownership verification. Once your PSN account has been unlinked from his account, you will be able to link it to your very own Origin account by following the steps here:

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Re: How to separate battlelogs

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@EA_Dennis that link does not work anymore. I have a similar problem. My son and I play Battlefield. We need to separate our EA accounts so we can be logged into Battlelog at the same time. I hope it is not a problem that his is a sub-account under my name on the Playstation Network.

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