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How to change Battlelog login username/email?

by squashedtomato

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How to change Battlelog login username/email?

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As the title says I'm trying to change my Battlelog login name.

Currently it is an old email address that I no longer use because it has been hacked so many times and is full of spam.

I would like to use my new email address as my login name, does anybody know how to change it?

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Re: How to change Battlelog login username/email?

In order to change your Origin ID or email address on your Origin account log into and then on the first (top) section called “Basic Information” click on “Edit” in the top right hand corner of that box.  Now you can Origin ID and email address for your Origin account.

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Re: How to change Battlelog login username/email?

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I can't do this , it's only if i want to edit my name/last name , origin ID , and then it asks me only for secret question & answer and for passwrod >.< nothng is for email . Please help me email has been compromised

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