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From 60 fps to 15 fps for 3 days now. :c

by BullDog996

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From 60 fps to 15 fps for 3 days now. :c

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My game has been acting weird latley, my fps went from 60 to 15 3 days ago and has been like that since then, it happened after I installed a windows update, my other games are fine though, I can run skyrim maxed with mods 60 fps no problem, so far I've tried reinstalling origin, battlefield, and my graphics card driver, I also tried a DNS flush and clearing out the entierty of my origin cache, this only fixed it for one game, when I joined another server it went back to 15 fps, it also doesn't matter if I change the resolution or settings, I've tried all low on 800*600 resolution and it still ran 15 fps only.

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Re: From 60 fps to 15 fps for 3 days now. :c

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Hello @BullDog996 


Have you tried to repair the game in Origin library? Can you also disable Origin in game for Battlefield 3? 

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