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Extremely Slow Download

by HulkBusterXLIV

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Extremely Slow Download

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Ever since the Origin program update, downloads have been extremely slow.  I noticed this when I tried to download BF3.  I've played the game a lot, but had to uninstall the game recently.  So, here I am trying to reinstall it, and it's ridiculously slow.  Normally I just download the base game and not the upgrades/extra content, which would take about an hour.  This time, however, the base game is taking about 5 hours to download.


I contacted EA about this, and got the following "tips":  



Step 1.

- Removed Windows temporary files which can be found on this help link

Step 2.

- Reset Origin

Close all Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer windows that are currently open.
Reopen Internet Explorer.
Click the Tools button, and then click Internet options.
Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset. ...
In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset.

Step 3.


Step 4.

- Origin slow download fix (R&D mode)

Step 5.

- Run the game as administrator. Right click on game icon on desktop and click on "Run as administrator"




Needless to say, none of that helped.  I'll let the game finish it's snail-crawl download, but this situation doesn't make any sense.

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Re: Extremely Slow Download

@HulkBusterXLIV did you try rebooting your router after unplugging it for a few minutes? I ask because I re-downloaded BF3 and BF4 last night with the new origin client and the speed was normal so the issue may be with your specific connection.

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