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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

by ZMacZ

Original Post

EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

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Hey everyone,

I think this is one of the best idea and probably one of the most requested idea's around here.
As you all know People are having a hard time with origin (EA) for not using the PayByCash Method (Which includes PSC - Pay Safe Card)
PaySafeCard is one of the most used PayByCash Method in Europe and it's growing bigger every day..

} WHY?
 Why do we all want this? One of the main reasons is because it's one of the easiest and safest way to deal with payments.
People that aren't 18+ Can make use of this Method.

} HOW?

How did i come up with this?

I'm a massive gamer.. This one day I bought Battlefield 3 for (PC).
I started playing the game and i got to admit it was quiete badass.
After a while Dice announced the Premium offer (which includes: All expansion Packets, More achievements etc..)
When this package just game out I went to Origin and bought it right away.
Before even knowing which paymentmethods were avaible I ran outside and bought a coupon of 50 euro Paybycash..
About a small hour later I came back and Ordered (Battlefield Premium)
I made an order and then i realized there was no Paysafecard Method (Like WTF? Are you kidding me?)
I freaked out just because i just bought the coupon (I know it's kind of my own fault)
So I went on battlelog and saw the offer appearing on the side (Battlefield 3 Battlelog - Browser)
I clicked Premium edition and thats when i saw (Battlefield 3 Premium with Pay Safe Card Method)

Now my question is why does Battlelog have Pay safe card (PBC) Method and Origin has not?
I think the rolls should be turned around..
NOW TODAY my friend bought 25 euro Paysafecard just because Origin was having an off sale (battlefield 3 premium for 25 euro / Battlefield 3 + Premium edition for 30 euro)

He also didnt knew Origin didnt have the PayByCash Method.
So he gave me a ring and asked me about HOW i bought Premium edition with Paysafecard.
I told him how (shown up)
He went to Battlelog and tried to do it the way i did..
It worked.. You can still buy with Paysafecard through Battlelog (Battlefield 3 PC gaming browser)

But now the thing is.. It said 50 euro Instead of 25 euro Since it was off sale?
Now.. why does Battlelog ask for the full price while Dice are the creators and Origin is just an App Selling them copy's

} What do we like to get?

Paysafecard (PBC) Billing Method
on Origin & EA SITE (Browser:



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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

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I have the same problem and agree with you.


You can purchase BF3 premium in both Battlelog and Origin using PSC, but at standard price (50€).

(in Origin > My Games > Right click BF3 > Shop for add-ons)


The halloween offer (50% discount, 25€) is only payable by creditcard, clickandbuy and paypal.

Which is a shame because I think Origin would get more sales if the paysafecard option would also apply in this case and for all other holidays offers and discounts.


I contacted Origin live chat regarding this, but they can't do much.

It makes no sense to exclude possible customers like this, its proper business to promote sales not discriminate.


Lets just hope someone at EA/ORIGIN realize the revenue lost here,

so future offers will include payment possible by paysafecard.



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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

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I am a really big fan of the Paysafecard.  I have been using it for well over a year now for my Online purchases and I have never ahd any problems!  I find it easy to use and easy to come by and would reccomend it over any CC or other payment method as it is completely secure... But I guess that is something everyone always has to decide for themselves! Wink

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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

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I f we could get a vote on that, above like 1000 people I think they'd look into it..

For now they think it's small fries...


Too bad that they do..


they oughta compare statistics with other game selling sites..

then they would know what they are missing out on..

but by then there'll probably be anew game site offering ALL payment options...

The first one to do that will be the winner..

For now Origin has revenue, so they're not concerned..would you be ? Profit coming in digital ? Why bother ?

Only when revenue goes down, will they be concerned with adding new payment options..

I think that stuff like buying digitally oughta be fixed on a worldwide server..

So that in case of a takeover and stuff like that people retain rights on the use of bought software..

That's also one of my concerns...

I'd hate to one day find out that all the software I bought (again, for the 5th time..lost my software through circumstances....)

would be inaccessible yet again...the last time I lost my stuff it was around 2500+ original software and dvd-movie titles..

(Yes...BIG FAT PAIN !!!!!..)

So now I'm not to sure to buy much software yet again...electronic sale would be hazard proof (fire/destruction/water/etc..)..

..but it's not proofed against account loss (whether by deletion, foreclosure of site or whatever digital disaster..)

Now hardcopy software (no...not downloaded and burnt on DVD, but actual store bought hardcopy..) is protected from digital

disaster but not from cataclysm (fire/water/theft/etc..) in any case..hardly proofed...

Only once a global server is started to protect people's rights to have acquired and retained rights of use on software,

will I probably try and buy lots of software for one more time...

Until that...I'd still hope for paysafe to keep me entertained..


(And SOO sorry for that long rant...)


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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

[ Edited ]
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I was searching to see if we could buy with PaySafeCard on Origin, since I already did it a couple of times on Steam.
It works perfectly on Steam, and it is pretty safe to use it, since there are no data of credit cards or something like that, and it is pretty used by teenage gamers, because there is no age limit as long you can input the PIN and know what you are doing.
It is too sad to see this, and I hope that EA will check this post because I already have Battlefield 3, and this method worked perfectly to buy it, but I have some spare money for games and I was thinking to get one from Origin, but I see it won't work...

To resume, if there was a voting I would certainly help this to start working on Origin*, and a lot of gamers would support aswell.

Best Wishes,


* = Edit

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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

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This is limiting me from buying.I cant use a visa card, but i can get a PAySafeCrad but in the check out in the shop of the dektop app i cant select PaySafeCard. This is limiting me from buying!


Please enable PaySafeCard to my desktop app please.

BTW im in Mexico. Weird it shows US currency.



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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

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I bought a 10€ PSC and i want to buy the Origin Access but when i got to the Thing where i buy there was no Option for PaySafe.Can someone please Help me.

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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

Community Manager

@7omoftw Unfortunately not, prepaid cards usually are not accepted by recurring subscriptions. 


We currently accept credit card and Paypal. In some countries Direct Debit and EA Wallet money are accepted, perhaps there's an alternate option for you?

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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

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Now that there's actually a CARD (debetcard) available for this, I think you can use paysafe through the obtainable card..

ALthough this may not be possible for minors (<18 yrs) a lil help from mom or dad can get you there..

Since the upgrade is done via PAYSAFE vouchers and no attachment with banbkaccount is neccesary, it's easy for young ones to obtain..

It doesn't cost the pareents anything extra nor does it extend liability beyond the card itself..

Also..once the balance is gone it's just bankfees..


Definitely usefull for children..


Laterz pplz..


(I now own 600+ games again on GOG so..yeah been buying stuff again..)


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Re: EA - Origin Payment Method (PaySafeCard)

[ Edited ]
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You don't accept debet cards ?


...that's just dumb...


Not implementing it just nets you less cash, while implementinmg it will get U more cash..

Not being able to charge just reverts back to no subscription...simple no ?..


I guess I'm just fresh out of business school..


I have another post on also says I once again have 600+ games...that's the diff between easy paying and not accepting debet card stuff (AKA dumbbusiness..)






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