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Can't click on anything in Battlelog

by lolmarine

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Can't click on anything in Battlelog

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LIke the title says I can't seem to click on anything in Battlelog. Meaning I can't launch the game, change server filters and drop down menus aren't working. It's completely preventing me from playing the game. In addition, my game stats are not loading as well. It also seems to be saying I don't actually own BF3, which Origin itself acknowledges that I do. I did not change anything on my computer, it just stopped working randomly one night.


I have tried the following things to fix it, so far none of them have worked:


Restart my computer

Uninstall and Reinstalling Origin

Uninstalling and reinstalling Battlelog

Uninstalling and reinstalling PunkBuster

UInstalling and reinstalling Battlefield 3 

Tried Battlelog on IE9 and Firefox (I use Chrome normally)

Refreshing the page

Disabling all extensions on Chrome

edit: Also tried clearing browser cache


Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Can't click on anything in Battlelog

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First thing Battle-log doen't support IE8  :


So, uninstall your Firefox and install newest version to run it, uninstall Battle-log plugins and install them again. Firefox is best for it, also check for newest Chrome

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Re: Can't click on anything in Battlelog

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Derp, I meant IE 9, which still didn't work. A new install and update of Firefox didn't work either. Chrome autoupdates in the background so I can't find a newer version. 


I also tried to install an older version of Battlelog and let it update and fix itself, this also didn't work.

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Re: Can't click on anything in Battlelog

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Okay,  you will need to clear your Java and browser cache once.


If it didn't resolve, then uninstall plugins and browser, follow these steps:


Disable the Cloud (Login into origin there is cloud option near "i" tab)

Delete your Battlefield 3 config folder, located here c:\your name\my documents\battlefield 3

Launch a game (SP or MP doesn't matter)

Battlefield 3 will recreate the config folder

Battlefield 3 will ask you to active the Cloud (say YES)

Battlefield 3 will ask you to synchronize the file with the Cloud : do so, but copy the file from your hard disk to cloud, not from cloud to hard drive.

Now repair your game by following steps:

Login to Origin

Right click on game icon.

Click on “repair install”

It will download update of the game.

Reboot your PC and launch the game and it should work.

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Re: Can't click on anything in Battlelog

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I tried the first thing and it didn't work. The second thing I can't do because I can't start a game, can't click on anything at all in Battlelog. 

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