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Unable to Download and Play Battlefield 3 Limited Edition on PC

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I'm writing this topic because I've been trough 3 different Live Chat support advisors where neither of them was able to resolve the issue so I was hoping someone in here may know the solution.


I own Battlefield 3 : Limited Edition with over 978 hours played in Multiplayer and I'm not able to play it since latest Origin update.


What happen?

I've played the game for the last time in January 20, 2021 and was working fine. Two days ago I wanted to play it again, so I've launched Origin as usually and it auto-updated itself like million times before and the Origin launched after an update. I clicked multiple times on "Play" button of my Battlefield 3 but nothing happen. Origin used to open up my web browser at this moment, but I didn't so I said Okay, another great improvement of recent update, so I logged in to battlelog manually with my browser and clicked "Join Server" from one of my favorites, but nothing happen.


So I tried to contact EA Help for the first time, where I was told to do all those "may-fix" things (reinstall Origin, clear it's cache etc.) so I did exactly what was requested from me, but it didn't resolved the problem. I was requested to try restart the computer (they went really professional with this one) so I did and it did not help either and after I rejoined the live chat, I was assigned to different advisor so I had to confirm my email and explain everything again. I was requested to reinstall the game to have "fresh" copy, because you know, two days ago my game, which was not updated for quite a while was not fresh enough. So I uninstalled the game and since then I'm not able to download it, I can see either "Details" or "Download" button,  which does nothing when clicked (it should open download confirmation dialog). I've checked my other games and I was able to download them without any problems so I said to advisor, that it's something wrong with the game - Battlefield 3 Limited Edition, not with my computer.

So we ended up with "passing the problem to technical department for further investigation", you know that kind of goodbye stuff..


Then I've tried to play today but the problem was still there so I contacted EA support again, explained everything again. Then I remembered that I claimed my free copy of Battlefield 3 Standard Edition from the time it was available for free so I was like I'm going to try it. Logged in to that account, hit "Download" button and the dialog popped up and it worked. Went back to my main account, tried Battlefield 3 Limited Edition on my other account but it didn't - same problem - other games work but this doesn't. I've explained everything to advisor and he was still twisting the same BS (check your antivirus, firewall, internet connection, free space, blood pressure etc). I was still repeating myself over and over with fact that other games work fine and even the same one (but not Limited Edition) is working on my different account. After hour of doing pointless things I literally begged the advisor to try add Standard Edition to my account for testing instead of Limited Edition one (we tried to remove Limited Edition and re-adding it but it did not work). And guess what? We tried and it worked, game started to download (Standard Edition) but the Premium Edition was still not working. Advisor asked when if I have another question, I said sure - when I'll be able to play the game I've paid for. Said I need to create another issue with UOTrace and MSInfo logs included,said goodbye and left the chat. I was like OK, I'm going to do it with the links he sent - I've checked the title "Troubleshooting connectivity issues" and literally laughed, how I have connection issues when I'm downloading the game of different edition right now? But as a weekend joke 10/10.

Does anyone have Battlefield 3 Limited Edition with similar problem?

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Re: No Download button for BF3

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@xH3LLBLAZ3Rx Click on the details button and then click on the extra content tab and you should see all the expansion packs. Click on download on one of them and then it should start and also start the bf3 download. Just had this exact problem this past weekend.
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Re: Battlefield 3 not downloading on Origin

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"Same here.... BF3 told me Karkand premium is not installed. "

The same problem. After origin update i cant connect to any BF3 servers. Sometimes it says  i dont have karkand installed.



I contacted to EA chat and they added Karkand DLC again to my account. Now everything is OK.


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Re: Unable to Download and Play Battlefield 3 Limited Edition on PC

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I'm having the exact same issues as you with my Battlefield 3 Limited Edition. I've tried every imaginable fix/solution but nothings working

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Re: Unable to Download and Play Battlefield 3 Limited Edition on PC

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I have the problem that i cant event download the game or locate the game. Origin crash and reboots.

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Re: Unable to Download and Play Battlefield 3 Limited Edition on PC

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I have the same problem. Had a similar experience with the support, everybody was very respectful and tried to help but the problem seems deeper. I just reinstalled Windows, installed only Origin and Firefox, it didn't solve the problem either. If anybody knows any solution or have any news, please share. Thanks.

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Re: Unable to Download and Play Battlefield 3 Limited Edition on PC

@Threrbull One thing that may work is opening Battlelog and going to a server and click play from there while Origin is already running. I use that method and it works every time if I'm using Edge and using the plugin free method of Battlelog launching. Firefox normally works for me but gives issues once in a while. Chrome has generally been more buggy for me with BF3.


In the past right clicking the Origin icon on your desktop, selecting "run as administrator" and then manually initiating a repair of BF3 has worked for me. The manual selection of running Origin as admin is important as I've had repairs not work on BF3 until I did that step.  If that doesn't work uninstalling Origin and manually deleting all Origin folders to include the folders in C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License and manually deleting all of the Origin cache folders has also worked for me. Then reinstall Origin and reinstall BF3 and see if it works. To me your issue sounds like a account license or entitlement issue since it sounds like you can play on another account so I'd delete the license folder first before uninstalling and reinstalling anything.

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Re: Unable to Download and Play Battlefield 3 Limited Edition on PC

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So, I thought this was the only topic about these problems. There are many others and someone proposed a solution here:


Basically open Origin on your browser and start the download from there. It's downloading here. We probably won't be able to play the game anyway since lots of other people have the game installed but can't start it or connect to servers. Some have said venice unleashed is working fine.

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Re: Battlefield 3 issues after latest Origin update

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@gingerannaI am downloading it but does that mean I can play it from Origin or do I need to do the whole Battlelog thing?

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Re: Battlefield 3 not downloading on Origin

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I found the solution
1- Close the Origin program.

2- Open your account on the site.

3- Click on Battlefield 3 ( play on Origin )

4- Wait for the program to open You can download the game directly and agree to the terms and congratulations

I found this solution on my own
I suspect that there is a bug in the program that does not send the download command for some games and you must send the command from the site

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