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Battlefield Update/Game Problems

by XxTripleKillZxX

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Battlefield Update/Game Problems

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I recently updated my battlefield and it was a 7.6gb update then I thought it was done so I played and it didn't work so I restarted my PC. When I got back on I checked for update and there was a 3.2gb update. Once The update is done it says paused on download manager and done on origin but wont go away. When I try and resume it just pauses and doesn't finish. I then restarted my PC again and The up date is still there. Even When I hit cancel download and try it again it just does The same thing. When I try playing bf3 but it said "Could not communicate with running game. Please make sure it was not launched outside of The web." I looked this up and people said to repair install which it wont let me, it is not lit up, The clean browser and clean PC and registry. I did all of this and it still did not work. The same message is popping up. When I tried to play yesterday (March 14th 2013) it loaded up but was just The loading screen of bf3. When I go on origin it wont even let me play When I right click.


If there is any other information you need just reply and I have photos of what is happening just don't know how to put them in.



Please Help had to miss double XP and End Game. Not Happy Confusedmileymad:




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Re: Battlefield Update/Game Problems

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I then contacted chat for help and they told me to call an advisor, give them my case number and tell then that this is about an escalated case. waiting on them Frown

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