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Battlefield 3 co-op status and Origin friend list problem

by deouskat

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Battlefield 3 co-op status and Origin friend list problem

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So, the first time i downloaded Battlefield 3 i played with my friends. Then i quit in the middle of the game, and suddenly all i see is my friend still stuck in co-op status o_O (Restarting, Re-Installing, Not using Origins have been done from this point forward) But still cannot play Co-Op.


Then i realised something, when i opened up my Origin, it won't show any of my friend list. My friend said "You're offline", and i checked one more time to be sure, so i go to my Account's Profile in Origin, and tada it says i'm offline. But, the weird thing is, Origin says i'm online and i can even play all of my games! 


So, EA, kindly, please help me with this, or at least someone who's smarter that EA's customer service



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