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Battlefield 3 Premium and Limited Edition

by MrNuminix

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Battlefield 3 Premium and Limited Edition

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Hi, I purchased Battlefield 3 Premium Edition which came bundled with Battlefield Premium Edition, BF3 Premium service, and the Limited Edition. Both the Limited Edition and the Premium Edition told me to download both games from within "My Games" on Origin. The only thing is that when I went to my games, only the Limited Edition shows up. So, my question is, what is the difference between the two? Are they the same thing or did something that should have shown up in my games list not show? Overall, I am very confused what Limited Edition and Premium Edition is. I know with limited, I get extra DLC, however what was the deal with the Premium Edition showing as part of the order? I am so confused. I have a copy of the order in my email. This is what it states. Any help clarifying what is what would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!





Order Number: 9705023740
Order Date: February 28, 2013

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Battlefield 3™ Premium Edition
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Qty: 1

Battlefield 3™ Limited Edition
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Serial Number: ***********************

To download your game just visit the "My Games" section of Origin.

Qty: 1

Battlefield 3™ Premium
Serial Number: No Unlock Code Needed


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Re: Battlefield 3 Premium and Limited Edition


Battlefield 3 Premium Edition = Battlefield 3 Limited Edition + Battlefield 3 Premium service

Only Battlefield 3 Limited Edition should show in Origin and as long as you are Premium on Battlelog everything is ok and as it should be.


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