Re: Baned by PunkBust since 2018 for... I DON'T KNOW!

by EA_Lanna

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Baned by PunkBust since 2018 for... I DON'T KNOW!

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As the titel says, I play BF3 with a baned account. Baned since 2018. There exist just no reason for ban! 

I was trying several solution but no success. I bought another key but the same. 

Since 2018 I am in contact with PB and I write allmost every 2 Month to my ticket but Even Blance just don t answer till today.


Since 2018 finally I play this game only on a hand full Server with PB disabled. 


I wish there would be more Server with PB disabled service. In my opinion PB is just useless.

And you know what, I know a looooot of players happend same, useless ban by PB.

All of theme give up playing this nice game but not me!


There is allmost no help at all. 

I contacted with EA Support but they have no adminstration about PB ( EVEN BALANCE) so far.

I contacted with EVEN BALANCE but no answer till today...

I tried to get money back from my second Key but no chance.


It is like talking to a wall.


No obligingness by EA to make for example a clean move to other origin account or make gift like a clean new player ID.


And I swear I will never buy another EA titel until my BF3 Game get solved.


Again and again, I AM NOT A CHEATER!!!



I just want to share my experience I made since 2018, at all I play BF3 since release. 

sorry for bad english I am German...

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Re: Baned by PunkBust since 2018 for... I DON'T KNOW!

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Hi @AMCooper


I'm sorry to say, we can't look into this for you. If you've been banned by Punkbuster you'll need to reach out to Even Balance so they can take a look. They will need to determine if the ban can be overturned. For more info on how you can reach them check out the EA Help website




- EA_Lanna


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