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BUG in BF3??

by kent888932

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BUG in BF3??

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Hi everybody,


I just want to tell what happenned to me this morning... I played on two games (two different servers), and I waste 3 hours of my time due to f****** bugs...

1st game : (on this server :


I start the game, and I immediately notice by pressing "Tab" button, that no ranks are displayed for every player. And I can play with only weapons and objects as I am ranked lvl 1. Ok, I thought it was some option on the server, in order that everybody plays as a perfect noobie.

I played like more than an hour, and great game for me : 27 kills, 8 times killed, a lots of vehicles disabled and destroyed due to the AA cannon, perfect. I want to notice that during the game, no ribbons or bonuses were displayed, and in my case, I should have a few ones.

The game ends, perfect. And it displayed only the two teams with players, and no the usual page which counts or XP gained.

I logged off of this server, and no reports of that party on my profile, nothing, like I never played at all.


You can imagine that I was disgusted of course.


On 2nd game (

I was playing, the same (except there wasn't this problem of ranks, ribbons... everything worked perfectly), and after 30 minutes, the window shut down, and a little message saying that I was disconnected.

Nothing appearing on my profile, the same.


I checked my Internet connection: no problem at all;

I checked if there was some updates, nothing.

I logged off/ logged in a few times from Origin : nothing.


So I would like to know :


1/ Is there some updates or something that could explain those bugs this morning ?

2/ Is there something for players who wasted their time ? Is the XP gained this morning will finally appear ?


Because it's too bad to loose like 35k points.....


Thanks in advance for your answers.... :-)

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