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BF3 - Game Disconnected - Something Went Wrong.

by Phaceman

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BF3 - Game Disconnected - Something Went Wrong.

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This is really annoying. I can't play more than 2 games without getting this error. Usually when I am doing really well, getting unlocks ingame just to lose them on disconnect. It took me 10 minutes to find this functionality to even send you a message so please reply with something useful.


I see dozens of posts on the BF3 forums about this error. What can you tell me to fix it. Or what are you doing about it. I'm a premium member, and have sunk alot of time and money into this game. Please help me.

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Hi phaceman,

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★★★★ Novice

Here's a complete and detailed list with things you can try in order to completely fix your battlefield:

Problem 1:
The game ALWAYS crash after 2-5 minutes/PC reboot itself after 2-5 minutes.

-Reboot your computer, open the bios (by spamming del on your keyboard)
-Get to the motherboard configuration-north bridge configuration
-Disable HD audio. If it's enabled, you simply press + till it says is disabled.

by doing this, your PC audio will be completely disabled unless you have an audio card or an USB headset or something similar (USB).
To re-enable audio, simply get back to the settings and enable HD audio again.

Problem 2:
The game crash randomly after about 15/20 minutes.

-Press start (or the windows logo)
-Type in the search-bar "cmd" without the "
-Press enter
-a command windows should open up. Write "bcdedit /set increaseUserVa 3072" without the "
-Press enter

Case 1: operation concluded successfully (or a similar message)
-reboot PC

Case 2: you are not allowed to do that (or a similar message)
-Press start again
-Click "all programs"
-Click "accessories"
-RIGHT click "command prompt" and click "Run As Admin"
-Type in the command windows "bcdedit /set increaseUserVa 3072" as always without the "

This will fix the problem, which is caused by memory leak

Problem 3:
Get disconnected very often without a reason.

Solution 1:
-Download PBsetup from here: PunkBusterOnline Countermeasures
-Extract the files in a folder
-Run PBSETUP.exe
-Click "add a game"
-Select "Battlefield 3". The path of the game should be detected automatically, if not, point it to the right path.
-Click check for updates
-Once the downloads are over, you'll get a message "battlefield 3 is up to date" or similar. You may now close the application.

Solution 2
-Click on the windows logo/start button
-In the search-bar, type services.msc
-Press ENTER
-A list of services should now be in front of you.
-Click "extended" tab
-Search for "UPnP host devices" or something similar (the description is something like: Allow hosting of UPnP devices blablabla)
-Right click it
-Click Properties
-I don't know how to translate this, but there is an option like "startup", in the general tab. You can choose between: Automatic (delayed startup), Automatic, Manually, Disabled. You must choose Disabled.
-Click on "stop service"
-Click "apply" and close that little windows.
-Search for "SSPD discovery" and do the same things that you did above.
-Close everything

Solution 3
-Open chrome/IE/firefox
-Type in the address bar and press enter. If nothing work with that IP, try with one of these:,, With one of these Pips you should be able to open up your router's page.
-Log into the router panel (surname is usually "admin" or "administrator", aswell as the password)
-Once you are in, you should search for an option called UPnP, and disable it. it might be somewhere in the advanced options, i really can't help you with this one because it's not on my router, and every router it's different, so you might or might not have it.

In case you still have the problem...well...go to the nearest churc and turn on a candle, then prey for a bit.

Problem 4:
EXTREME rubberbanding, mostly in Caspian Borders, Teheran Highway and Grand Bazhaar.

what's rubberbanding?
Battlefield 3 Rubberbanding. - YouTube

-Reboot your computer
-Spam DEL till you open the biones panel again
-Search for advanced options
-CPU configuration
-Look for an option named "HTT" or "Hyper Treading" or "Hyper Treading Technology" and press + till it's disabled.
-Save and exit

I know this might look strange, but it fixed me, and 5 other friends, the rubberbanding issue (different cpu's, 4 intel and 2 amd).
You will still notice some rubberbanding if the server is lagging.
edit: no idea what to do with the amd, since the htt it's just for intel i guess the 2 amd guys didn't have the problem in the first place or disabled another tech, i'll ask them and report here

Problem 5:
The screen goes black and the game crashes everytime i try to join a server

This happened me yesterday too, basically i was playing CQ64 on metro, and the game crashed (probably god punishment or karma ). After that, i tried to rejoin on metro like 5/6 times, everytime the game was not loading at all, and eventually crashing during the map loading:

Solution 1:
-Join a server with a different map, this will eventually restore the whole game (worked for me)

Solution 2:
-Run a repair from Origin (right click battlefield 3 on origin, and click reapair)



Then I came across this fix, which is to disable directx 11 in game, I have played for approximately 6 full hours after applying this and didn't have a single issue. This was on three different servers!

To apply it, whilst in game hit the ~ (tilde key) and simply enter RenderDevice.Dx11Enable off and it should display as "write: result true" then simply hit the ~ again to exit.

This might not work for everyone but before trying all those other fixes perhaps give this one a shot first, you can reverse it easily enough by following the same process replacing "off" with "on"







**Note: If you get the solution and correct your problem Then press the XP button if somebody helped.**


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Re: Hi phaceman,

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Dont do any of the above **bleep**e, it wont help its rubbish. Just remove your GFX drivers completely, download the latest one and install them. This above **bleep** is pointless standard "dont know about IT, lets have a guess" crap.

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Re: Hi phaceman,

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Then please do a tutorial on how to fix the problem on Bootcamp windows. Cause I have no idea how to fix this.

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