Adding character to my origin ID

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Adding character to my origin ID

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I am in a clan that play with tags at the end of name and it being -VX9- but my origin ID consists of 13 characters already so I was only able to add the VX9, as a serious clan the officers want everyone to have the tags as is and I am of no exception. You might be asking why not the clan tag, the clan tags are for our ranks within the clan to tell the high ranking members to the low ranking members and we have always had this sort of status of presenting ourselves.


So I must ask,

Is there anyway for me to get the 2 dashes within my origin ID? This is a example of how it should look  -            [Spc]FrozynWarlord-VX9-    and this is my origin ID now [Spc]FrozynWarlordVX9 due to the 16 character limit beign reached. Yes, its not a big difference but my clan prioritize in getting things done right even our game names.


Your reply and help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Adding character to my origin ID

Your only option would be the change the spelling of your Origin ID to eliminate one letter so you can add the proper clan tag at the end of your name. The 16 character limit is not changeable.

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