wireless headphones not working in game - not bluetooth

by ashdrake

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wireless headphones not working in game - not bluetooth

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I've seen a good amount of threads on wireless headphones not working in BF1, and all of the fixes focus on bluetooth headphones. I have a Corsair Void Wireless headset, and the wireless aspect has it connected to my computer via a usb receiver. I can't seem to figure out how to fix my audio issues. I know it isn't the multiplayer VOIP because I have that disabled and the audio still doesn't work in single player mode. While the game is running, there's no sound on my computer at all, and trying to open the volume icon on my taskbar gives me an error (something like "sound is currently unavailable" (can't remember it exactly at the moment). Can I get some help here?

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Re: wireless headphones not working in game - not bluetooth

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Hey @ashdrake,

I actually had a similar issue in the past with BF1 and the earlier version of this specific headset (overall a nice headset by the way). Back in the day, we're talking about 2017 here, this was caused by the Realtek Audio driver not really cooperating and Dolby Atmos not working as intended. Can you maybe check if there are any Audio driver updates available for your PC/laptop? (If it's for a desktop and you're using normal on-board Audio, you have to check on your motherboard manufacturer's website.)


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