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Re: weekly weapons Scrap exchange not updated

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My thought process is this, how is it the "Community Managers" from EA/DICE have been aware that this has been a issue since May 2nd and not been resolved, yet inform us they are looking into the matter with ZERO feedback to the community for 3 WEEKS? However, when the Battlepack "glitch" or "Could Not Fetch Report" errors occur, they are quick to fix those. Recently, BF1 has gained popularity to their counterpart BFV since the "hype" for BATTLEFIELD teaser in June. I understand the in-game support for BF1 ended when BFV went live back in 2018, but come on, this issue hasn't been resolved for 3 weeks now. How is this conducive to customers when your game isn't functioning properly? It's frustrating when the developer (DICE) looses it's focus on their community to resolve QOL issues.


As a extent to mitigate this issue, why not enable ALL 750+ skins be purchasable via the Exchange instead of having a once a week "timer", working or not Exchange to flip the coin to see what we are offered? Suggestively, I would mirror the "Inventory" tab but the skins are purchasable. Is the reason why DICE would not make such a thing happen will lose money because players are not buying Battlepacks? No. Players will still be able to buy those Battlepacks for more Scraps so they can purchase more skins. Furthermore, how much with each skin cost? 2000 scraps for Legendary, or 270 scraps just as same as the scrap refund you obtain from scrapping a legendary skin? I highly doubt this would be considered since patch support for BF1 was ended in 2018, except resolving "major" issues that need to be addressed and some are perhaps no longer in the interest for DICE to fix, case in point, the Exchange system has been broke since May 2nd.


"Results, not excuses...."

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Re: weekly weapons Scrap exchange not updated

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@IIIVENGEANCEIIl It’s ridiculous. And I’ve been saying that for months. Why have an unreliable timer system compared to just letting people have availability to purchasing anything? It makes no sense and the game has been out now for 5 years.
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scrap exchange

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Why is bf1 exchange not updated?

It has not been updated for two weeks

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Re: weekly weapons Scrap exchange not updated

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Logged in and still the same old items in the Exchange.


Exchange has not been changed since 4-27-21 so 21 days now with the same items.


Please fix it EA!

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Re: weekly weapons Scrap exchange not updated

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@Forkbeard84 Don’t worry, they will patch a battlepack glitch within 5 days but exchange they obv haven’t done much since it’s been almost a month. It’s infuriating

It has been almost a month and people have scrap that they want to spend, such as myself because I want skins that aren’t in the battlepacks or are too hard to get. The fact tho it has been this long is truly disheartening to the people who still play this masterpiece
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Re: weekly weapons Scrap exchange not updated

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Well everyone, it is 1:30pm Central Time (Chicago) and it has basically been confirmed that EA will not be updating the Exchange, despite stating that they will be fixing it....3 weeks ago. Am I surprised? No. But I am losing my encouragement to keep playing this game and waiting for skins I’d actually purchase. Maybe in week 4 we will get a new weapon in the exchange finally, and be the Kolibri...even though we haven’t had an SMG in like 12 weeks. I’m sorry if this seems like a passively toxic comment, but what’s even more toxic is the fact that it’s been THREE WEEKS!!!!

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Re: weekly weapons Scrap exchange not updated

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@MLG_HOCK219It can be frustrating when these bugs happen.

In fairness the battle pack bug took a month or two to fix and when they did fix that they also fixed the endless Blood and Sand Ops Rotation.

Got me thinking that the Exchange being stuck on the same skins coincides very closely with the aforementioned fixes. So maybe whoever fixed those bugs can now take another look at how the Exchange is rotated.

I think they will get it fixed as they've been on a tear fixing bugs recently.  We can bump this thread in the meantime to keep the issue front and center.

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Re: scrap exchange

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Re: weekly weapons Scrap exchange not updated

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le bump!


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Re: weekly weapons Scrap exchange not updated

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@Straatford87hey brother,
i'm appreciate your efforts and EA/dice as well.
but it's around one week since you told me that "We're checking out why it didn't update. We'll let you know once it's good to go". but till now the issue still not solved yet.
we love bf1 and we need some help to revive the game.
brother even when they released bfv all the fans bought bfv as we thought it would be better than bf1. but to be honest bf1 still better and have a big base of players. we need to send this message to Dice "please EA/DICE revive bf1". 
thanks a lot Straaford & best wishes. 

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