How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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21. - 30. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


21. All infantry kits are good at fighting other infantry, but at different ranges. How to engage infantry best depends on both your and your enemy's kit.


22. All kits have access to some form of anti-tank weapons, but Assault has the best anti-tank capabillities.


23. All nations experimented with body armor, from full metal plate to chainmail face-screens and body shields.


24. All sides used raiding-parties and combat-patrols to surprise enemy trenches by night, creating havoc, causing damage, and escaping with prisoners and intelligence.


25. Always protect the pigeon carrier!


26. Amiens, as a logistic center and railway hub, was vital to the British war effort and holding it was key.


27. An ancillary attack to the Nivelle Offensive was launched on April 17, 1917, called the Battle of the Hills of Champagne, which put Tahure in the line of fire once more.


28. Anti-German sentiment forced the British royal family to change their name from "Saxe-Coburg und Gotha" to Windsor.


29. Argonne forest was an Allied key objective on the road to take the railway hub at Sedan, breaking the German supply network to France and Belgium.


30. Artillery ammunition types used were vast and varied for different purposes. Shrapnel, gas, incendiary, high explosive, armor piercing and concussion grenades.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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31. - 40. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


31. Artillery barrages were many times so concentrated that it was impossible to make out individual explosions.


32. Artillery duels echoed throughout the Alps as Italian and Austro Hungarian fortresses lobbed shells over the highest peaks.


33. As a defender, you can interact with the telegraph to call down artillery on spotted enemy soldiers!


34. As a pilot, try to place yourself between the sun and the enemy. This puts the glare of the sun in the enemy's eyes and makes it difficult to see you and impossible for him to shoot with any accuracy. -dicta Boelke


35. As an attacker, you must capture and hold all flags within a sector for it to fail.


36. As most armies faced a shortage of pistols two of mankind's most primitive killing tools came into play - the club and the knife.


37. As the driving force behind the Allied effort in World War I, France willingly shouldered the heaviest burden.


38. As the French pursued the Germans past Soissons, the bridges over the Aisne river became critical to offensives.


39. As the front moved and the war spread, many chateaus became scenes of vicious battles.


40. As the war on the Western Front turned to stalemate, cavalrymen had to dismount and follow their comrades into the trenches.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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41. - 50. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


41. As the weather changes, you must change your playstyle accordingly.


42. As war continued, bigger cannons (75 mm) were fitted to planes in many different configurations that allowed for new roles supporting ground troops but also special missions like submarine hunting.


43. At 5.20am on October 17, 1918, the Battle of the Selle began with a rolling barrage followed by infantry and 48 tanks.


44. At Cambrai in 1917 the British attacked with more than 370 tanks together with 300 planes buzzing and covering the sound of the tanks.


45. At Gallipoli, The ANZACS used "Periscope Rifles" that could be aimed while remaining in the trenches.


46. At the Battle of Hamel and the Battle of Amiens 288 tanks fought alongside the British forces.


47. At the beginning of the war, Great Britain, not Germany, had the most submarines, 74 in service and 34 under construction. Germany had just 28 in service and 17 under construction. In fact, France and Russia also had more submarines in service than Germany early in the war.


48. At the outbreak of World War One Canada had 8 million people. Some 3600 died of them at Vimy Ridge. At Passchendaele another 4000 would perish in the mud.


49. Attack the objectives as a team. Support each other as a squad. Playing lone-wolf for kills won't help your team win the match.


50. Austria-Hungary issued recruitment posters in 15 different languages.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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51. - 60. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


51. Avalanches in the Alps during World War One killed more troops than all poisonous gas combined.


52. Before Allied forces finally captured the town at Passchendaele in November 1917, many soldiers were sucked under and drowned, and guns, tanks and horses also sank in the mud.


53. Before radio communication could be developed for pilots, they would often have to fly along railway lines and try to read the names of stations to figure out where they were.


54. Before the start of the Somme offensive, there was no doubt of victory, given that the Germans were held up at Verdun.


55. Beneath the Chemin des Dames ridge lies an almost one-square-kilometer cave network called "The Dragon's Lair", used by both sides as underground shelter. Cracks from artillery can still be seen in the cliffs.


56. Big Bertha was the name of the famous, fortress-breaking 42 cm German heavy howlitzer.


57. Bipods are activated automatically when prone, peeking over cover or standing behind cover.


58. Bolt-action rifles were the most common weapon in the Great War. However, artillery claimed more lives than any other weapon in the conflict.


59. Britain claimed that Germany's violation of Belgian neutrality was the reason for Britain joining the war, yet one year later Britain would station tens of thousands of troops in Salonika, violating Greek neutrality.


60. British General Allenby ordered the creation of a new air force at the Suez Canal, and the No. 5 and No. 40 Wings of the Royal Flying Corps, known as the Palestine Brigade, were created.


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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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61. - 70. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


61. British major-general J.F.C Fuller invented the concept of "artificial moonlight" during WW1, using search lights to enhance conditions for night attacks by illuminating the bottom of clouds.


62. Brutal fighting finally forced the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian army and its retreat in late October 1918. Two thirds of the casualties of the offensive happened around Monte Grappa.


63. By fall 1918, many chateaus were just ruins much like the old aristocracy itself was.


64. Can't find the door? Create your own with destructible environments!


65. Canadian troops arrived in Passchendaele in October 1917, to relieve the battered ANZAC forces, who had already been fighting there for nearly three months.

66. Capturing certain flags will give additional vehicles to your team.


67. Certain weapons and gadgets require Class Rank in additon to Warbonds to unlock. Earn Class Ranks by playing as different Classes.


68. Cher Ami was a pigeon that flew a message from American troops cut off behind the enemy lines and under both friendly and enemy fire. The bird was shot through the chest and lost a leg but managed to deliver the message, saving the "Lost Battalion". Cher Ami was awarded the Croix de Guerre.


69. Chief of the German General Staff Falkenhayn named the plans to attack Verdun 'Unternehmen Gericht' - Operation Judgement.


70. Clubs have medium attack speed, deal medium damage, and have a medium-sized takedown zone.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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71. - 80. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


71. Codex Entries contain information about the world of Battlefield 1. The information within might give you an edge.


72. Collect Dog Tags from enemies by killing them with a melee weapon.


73. Containing bright burning chemicals and a non-flammable parachute, "star shells" were special artillery rounds used at night to illuminate the battlefield, or to pass on messages via different colors.


74. Contrary to popular belief, fighting on the western & eastern front a lot the times claimed all spaces and a lot of fighting took place in forests.


75. Controlling the Suez Canal was key to the British Empire. Millions of troops heading to Europe, and British oil from Persia being shipped through the canal.


76. Daylight savings time was invented during the war to save up coal.


77. Decelerate while turning for tighter turns.


78. Desert fighting was very different from the battlefields of Europe, though tanks made their appearance even here at the Second Battle of Gaza.


79. Despite its many operational problems, the British first viewed the French Le Prieur rocket as the ideal weapon to bring down airships.


80. Despite the huge loss of lives at Verdun it still regarded as victory for France and large number of French cities got a street named Rue du Verdun.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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81. - 90. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


81. Douaumont was the biggest fort at Verdun, but it was also a village that was completely destroyed. Douaumont evolved from latin and means the Devine Mountain.


82. Drag slows down bullets over distance and makes extreame long range sniping ineffective.


83. Due to the Russian revolution in 1917 Germany transferred hundreds of thousands of battle-hardened troops from the Eastern to the Western Front.


84. During a Bayonet Charge, you sprint faster and can take more damage, but you also have decreased movement sensitivity.


85. During allied counter-offensives in the summer of 1918 the Saint Chamond and FT tanks found suitable open ground.


86. During the "Bloody April" of 1917, the lifetime of British and French pilots could be measured in hours.


87. During the 1918 Battle of Vittorio Veneto on the Italian front some 700 Italian, French and British aircraft faced around 500 Austrian and German enemies in the air.


88. During the spring of 1918 around 40000 Italian soldiers were sent to help out on the western front, where they fought well.


89. During the spring offensive in 1918 the Germans advanced further than anyone had since 1914.


90. During the war, many French chateaus fell into German hands, where they often housed generals and high ranking staff members, who lived in luxury.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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91. - 100. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


91. During their Spring Offensive in 1918, German forces had crossed the River Aisne, capturing important bridges and heading towards Soissons. Here, the old trenches, now overgrown and abandoned, still spoke of the fighting of 1914.


92. Each year, more than 150 tons of unexploded shells are found in the fields of Northern France.


93. Earn Warbonds by ranking up. Warbonds are used to unlock new weapons, gadgets, vehicle patterns and much more.


94. Earned Dog Tags can be equipped in the Dog Tag menu.


95. Edith Cavell was a British nurse who helped 200 Allied soldiers escape occupied Belgium before being captured and executed. She became a martyr to the British and a symbol of the war effort.


96. Elite Classes can be found and picked up on the map.


97. Enabling: Vehicle Passenger Control - Decouple Aiming From Turning gives gunners better aiming while in Aim view


98. Even today - one hundred years after the battle of Verdun - the ground surrounding the battlefield is contaminated with the remains of steel shrapnel and 200000 soldiers that were never found.


99. Even today, a hundred years later "Disfatta di Caporetto" translated "The Caporetto disaster" is used as an expression and reference in Italy when describing a total defeat.


100. Factory and infantry weapons have indirect bonuses to recoil and spread recovery not shown in weapon comparison.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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101. - 110. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


101. Field guns are devastating against enemy vehicles and occupied structures.


102. Find a good defensive position when writing the message!


103. Find enemy, kill enemy & repeat. Team Deathmatch is all about the kills!


104. Flamethrowers were used in the early stages of the Great War and spread terror amongst the soldiers.


105. Flying Aces were the rock stars of their time. They would receive thousands of pieces of fan mail and would autograph photo portraits of themselves for their admirers.


106. For much of the war the frontline cut through the "lost villages" of Champagne-Ardenne; Hurlus, Perthe-les-Hurlus, le Mesnil-les-Hurlus, Ripont and Tahure - which were all obliterated and never rebuilt.


107. For the soldiers who fought at Passchendaele, it was known as the 'Battle of Mud'.


108. For your own safety, you will spawn farther away from flags that have enemies close by.


109. Fort Vaux changed hands several time during the battle of Verdun.


110. Four empires ceased to exist by the end of the war, the German, the Austro-Hungarian, the Ottoman, and the Russian.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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111. - 120. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


111. French and British forces were backed by more than 330 aircraft and nearly 3000 cannons at the Somme.


112. French casualties at Gallipoli were the same as those of the ANZACS, around 28000.


113. French casualties at the Somme battle are commemorated at the vast military cemetery at Rancourt - an importance site of French remembrance.


114. French generals and their troops learned to adapt and develop techniques which eventually led to victory.


115. Fritz Haber, who was most responsible for weaponized gas in World War One, and whose work would be the basis for Zyklon B in World War Two, won the Nobel Prize in 1919 for his process that mass-produced nitrogen fertilizers.


116. From 1917, German night bombers were painted in the irregular lozenge camouflage pattern, which was intended to create an optical illusion of the background color merging with the pattern.


117. Gas Grenades can be used to gain the edge in an assault, or as an area denial weapons. Use them to gain the advantage against a defensive force.


118. General Cadorna blamed his troops to cover his own errors, he simply could not understand how the enemy could have achieved breakthrough so easily. It seemed to him to be the only logical explanation. He did not win the popularity contest.


119. German engineers went in advance to dig wells in the Sinai desert to supply the Ottoman forces en route to attack the Suez Canal.


120. German high command had the ambition that the battle at Verdun would be the decisive battle of the Great War.

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