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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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121. - 130. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


121. German morale remained high during the Hundred Days Offensive, with massive casualties inflicted on both sides.


122. German Pilot Gunther Plüschow downed a Japanese Airplane with his Luger Pistol, the first time a pilot ever shot down another plane. He was also the only German POW to escape Britain and make it back to Germany.


123. German pioneers managed to do coordinated attacks on Fort Vaux and entered through the casemates by grenade successful grenade spamming.


124. German U-35 was the most successful submarine of the war and sank 224 ships for a total of 539741 gross register tons.


125. German wives exchanged their golden wedding rings for rings made out of iron to help the German war economy. They were inscribed with the words "I gave gold for iron".


126. Germany brought in a special artillery conductor known as 'Breakthrough Muller' to conduct the 10000 artillery guns used at the start of Operation Michael.


127. Germany gave 20000 rifles and a million rounds of ammunition to Irish nationalists in an attempt to convince Ireland to join the war against Britain.


128. Grenades came in many shapes and forms, discs, potato shaped, cylinders attached to sticks, some fired from rifles but the hand grenade became the most popular version.


129. Help your teammates, and yourself, by spotting enemies.


130. Hills like Cote 304 and Mort Homme, the "Dead man's hill", became lasting synonyms for the truly unbelievable slaughter there.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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131. - 140. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


131. Hold a majority of the flags to win the match.


132. Holding & defending a captured flag is key to victory as an attackter!


133. If you are sprinting with a weapon equipped with a bayonet, you can tap the melee button to enter a powerful Bayonet Charge.


134. If you attack with a melee weapon and you are inside the takedown zone, you will automatically perform a takedown.


135. If you don't kill anyone with your Bayonet Charge, you will get a run and sprint speed penalty during the cooldown period.


136. If you kill an enemy rider, you can steal the horse to gain access to the full arsenal of cavalry weapons for as long as you stay on the horse.


137. If you let go of sprint immediately after activation, you will perform a short Bayonet Charge. Keep sprinting for a longer charge.


138. If you spawn onto a horse as a true Cavalry class, you will gain the benefit of armored plating on your rider.


139. If you successfully retreat as a defender after a sector has fallen, you will regain full ammo & health.


140. If your next melee swing would deal enough damage to kill your opponent, you will automatically perform a takedown instead of a normal swing.


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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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141. - 150. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


141. In 1914 British forces moved to capture the Ottoman controlled Al-Faw Peninsula, and the ancient Fortress of Fao was the main Ottoman stronghold there.


142. In 1916 nearly half the British population went to the cinemas to watch "The Battle of the Somme" - it remains one of the most watched films in British cinema history.


143. In 1917, the Italians halted the Austrian summer offensive at the very peak and by December the Austrians had been pushed off the mountain.


144. In early 1915 the Ottomans crossed the Sinai Desert to attack the canal - a feat that had been thought impossible.


145. In late 1918 thirteen German AV7 tanks appeared and broke through the British defensive lines, threatening Amiens.


146. In New York 1916 German spies were blamed for the "Black Tom" explosion shattering all windows on lower Manhattan, damaging the statue of Liberty. The blast equaled a 5.5 earth quake.


147. In preparation for the Battle of Malmaison, French super-heavy artillery fired on the Chemin des Dames with exceptional accuracy. On October 21, an observer reported that a gun fired consecutive shells into the same hole.


148. In preparation of the Battle of the Somme, the British and French marshaled over 1300 artillery pieces and fired 2000000 shells on German positions.


149. In preparation to attack Verdun Falkenhayn's men spent seven weeks constructing new railway lines, assembling heavy concrete bunkers to house troops, and stockpiling more than 1200 artillery pieces.


150. In the autumn of 1917, right before the start of the Battle of Malmaison, French and German troops still fought over the Butte de Tahure, ceaselessly attacking each other in night time trench raids.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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151. - 160. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


151. In the desert British tanks bearing names like Pincher, Sir Archibald, and War Baby had room to maneuver and to use the speed of their engines to the fullest.


152. In the first eight days of the Somme, roughly 1.7 million rounds of artillery were fired at the German lines, at Messines one year later 3.2 million shells entered the ongoing apocalypse.


153. In the initial battle for Fort Vaux - the French casualties were roughly 100 men whereas the Germans lost 2600 soldiers. However, when the French lost the fort their counter attacks proved equally costly.


154. In the Middle East, the rebels of the Arab Revolt and their Ottoman adversaries relied on the speed and endurance of their horses and camels.


155. In total, some 40 million shells were fired over the course of the entire battle of Verdun.


156. Irish troops served not only on the Western Front, but even fought Bulgarians in the Balkans.


157. Ironically, when the fighting moved out of the trenches and into open ground in 1918 it was far deadlier than during previous trench warfare. It was now obvious that the trenches had saved lives.


158. It was rare for soldiers to be at the frontline more than five days. Those five days could still be hell.


159. Italy developed the MAS - the anti-submarine motorboat. Made of plywood and only useful in calm water, they were still faster than any other warship and carried depth charges, torpedoes, and mines.


160. J. R. R. Tolkien took part in the battle of the Somme. It is a subject of debate whether or not his experiences of No Man's Land and the hell of the battlefields influenced his writing on the Lord of the Rings.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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161. - 170. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


161. JRR Tolkien, Wilfred Owen and all took part in the Battle of the Somme.


162. K Bullets damage all vehicles. When close enough, they even damage tanks. Not recommended for use against infantry.


163. Knives are the fastest melee weapons with the largest takedown zones, but they deal the least amount of damage with each swing.


164. Konrad Adenauer, who would be German Chancellor after World War Two, invented the soy sausage during World War One as a cheaper alternative to meat during food shortages.


165. Lasting some nine months Verdun is the longest battle history has ever known.


166. Lead your target, rather than aiming directly at your enemies.


167. Learn about how use each of your weapons: the PLAYER/VEHICLE HIT scoring event will let you know how much damage your bullets are doing.


168. LMGs become very inaccurate after the first shot and then regain accuracy, meaning they are best used for sustained fire.


169. Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière famously made 14 voyages with the German submarine U-35 and sank 189 merchant ships, 2 gunboats, and the troop carrier SS Gallia, earning the Iron Cross first class and the Pour Le Merite, Germany's highest medals. He was the most successful submarine ace in history.


170. Lt General Sir Julian Byng commanded the Canadian Corps and his Canadian troops called themselves "the Byng Boys".


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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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171. - 180. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


171. Major Sylvain-Eugene Raynal took command of Fort Vaux on the 24th of may 1916. His garrison set up makeshift defenses inside the fort and heroically defended the interiors.


172. Many armies experimented with "night sights" for rifles and other weapons, utilizing small amounts of fluorescent and radioactive radium on the sights to improve night time target acquisition.


173. Many melee weapons have alternate uses on the battlefield, such as cutting barbed wire, destroying barricades, or even damaging light vehicles.


174. Many wartime fortresses in the Italian mountains are still there and have been converted into museums.


175. Many weapons allow you to customize their recoil bias to your liking. This has no influence on weapon performance itself, only on how well you can use it.


176. Match Bonus points are awarded for completing a round. In certain game modes, even the losing team will receive a minor bonus.


177. Medals consist of several stages that need to be completed in order. Each stage will award you a substantial amount of points.


178. Melee weapon categories differ in attack speed, damage, and how large their takedown zone is.


179. Melting Glaciers in the Alps frequently reveal remains of WW1 soldiers.


180. Momčilo Gavrić was, at eight years of age, the youngest soldier of the war. He joined a Serbian artillery division after his family was killed in 1914.

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Re: How many short, random historical facts and in-game info appear in total?

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181. - 190. (my screenshot collection, version 2023.08.15, total 384 item)


181. Monte Grappa occupied a strategic position on the Asiago Plateau, overlooking the gateway to the plains of Veneto.


182. Mortars came in various different sizes in the World War 1 and were widely used by all belligerents. Sizes ranged from small portable mortars, to big siege mortars that had a range beyond 2000 meters.


183. Most casualties in World War 1 were caused by artillery, not by the machine gun or gas.


184. Most of the equipment, tanks and planes used by the Americans in World War One was French.


185. Most Scout weapons deal more damage from a distance than in close quarters.


186. Mount Grappa- by then the symbol for Italy's defense- would play a huge part in the final Italian offensive of the war, on Vittorio Veneto.


187. New Medals are received every week, so keep an eye on the remaining time before expiration.


188. Nocturnal attacks on the enemy trenches were often carried out during moonlit nights.


189. Officially known as the Third Battle of Ypres, but history recalls the horror in one word: Passchendaele, has come to symbolize the Great War for many.


190. On the eve of the battle, the Italian Army held a paper-thin deployment against on enemy whose tactics were specifically developed to punch holes in even the deepest defensive systems. The stage for disaster was set.

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