Final Weapon Count?

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@KBAYSTSB wrote:

On the weapon count, I have 239/241, according to the game. Missing the Arditi and Coupe Coupe, as they were well before my time playing BF1. 

But I am also missing the Doughboy M1911 (no idea how to get this). So, surely the weapon count must be 242? On PC.

@KBAYSTSB @ Dough Boy came with the collectors edition(Eddie Murphy statue😆) via a code

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Re: Final Weapon Count?

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Yes, I believe this is the final count accessible to players (244)


There would be 246 available to developers. I'd love to see those made public 6 years after the fact... a fool can hope I suppose but with the Maschinepistole finally making the exchange for the first time ever, I have a glimmer of hope Standard smile

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Re: Final Weapon Count?

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The M1911 Dough is actually still redeemable on PC. Very sad I've been unable to get through bureaucracy of EA/XBOX/DICE Support, I've spent nearly $300 on different Collector's Editions trying to find a way through the net of support call scripts without success.


Later responses show 244 as the final consumer weapon count.

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Re: Final Weapon Count?

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$300 just to get the Doughboy M1911? That is crazy…EA must love you.

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Re: Final Weapon Count?

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I haven't got it, I'm a community leader that tries to figure things out and then share with youtube & reddit since as a professional engineer I have more disposable income than some.


I wish EA would help me Frown

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