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Re: Cannot report cheaters

by Ammo_or_Medic

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Cannot report cheaters

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I just escaped out of a game to choose the scoreboard, view profile option... and there was no drop down menu to enable me to report two cheaters.


How do I report cheaters now? I have not played my favourite game for a while due to an injury but now I am back with a vengeance. But there are so many cheaters and now, apparently, no way to report them.


What gives?

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Re: Cannot report cheaters

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@MujiXxXhey bro,
you could use the below link it's about Report players for cheating, abuse, and harassment


if you couldn't report them please use the link below :-

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Re: Cannot report cheaters

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Two games pretty close to each other I had the same phenomena. No drop down menu next to Profile. Also one game it actually HID who killed you. The team said they had used some cheat to disguise their identifies as well. Back the next day and it was working again. Glad you are reporting those you know are cheating.

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Re: Cannot report cheaters

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But why can't we report in-game any more?


The fact that we have to:

1 - remember or screencap the cheater's ID

2 - not report in-game any more as we have lost that function

3 - click on that link to then click on 'contact us' link to start a report

4 - suck it up and not have any action taken against known cheats with a provable cheating history (ungodly stats)


... all means that people are not reporting cheaters as much. Coupled with the fact that we seemingly cannot discuss it on this forum can only mean one thing. If we are actively asked not to discuss the problem here, have the in-game reporting method taken away from us and the only recourse we have is so convoluted and is not acted upon... then this is being driven by EA and not by the customers. We all paid good money for this game and now we are unable to play it due to cheats.


It is a shame that EA's after-care has been forgotten about in favour of new sales, despite a huge amount of loyal customers, like me.

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Re: Cannot report cheaters

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why even bother? these idiots at ea that supposedly are strict about cheating are busy banning a fan of their brand of 30yrs (me) for supposedly cheating in bfv.  only thing I had running at the time was afterburner and rivatuner. I brought that to their attention many times that it's an overclocking software and perhaps their anti cheat sent a false positive but they couldn't care less.  so I've been forced to play bf1 since, and the obvious real cheaters run rampant without a care in the world.. you don't know how many times I used that drop menu u are talking about to report these * and they do nothing about.. so don't even waste your time. it's useless..

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Re: Cannot report cheaters



Not really sure why we can't report in-game but Name and Shame is against site rules so that's why most posts calling users out get the axe.


Calling someone out in public can actually cause legal issues for both you and EA as it can drag everyone into a defemation rabbit hole, so better safe than sorry. Normal cheating discussion threads almost always turn into shouting matches/echo chambers -- we had a megathread a while back but it turned into death threats and spam. I hope it's different for the next game.


Being a ps5 player I guess I can't fully understand/appreciate just how bad it is for most users, but ultimately we all have no choice but to have faith in thr system and hope things get better. Reporting and not expecting much is still better than doing nothing



You've said on other posts as well about getting banned for 3rd party software, I'm not really sure what to tell you other than issue an appeal with ToS - should be easy for them to see you weren't using malicious code.

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Re: Cannot report cheaters

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@TTZ_Dipsy you hit the point.
the problem in the people who uses this devices
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Re: Cannot report cheaters

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Are you using Origin or EA Dekstop? @MujiXxX



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Re: Cannot report cheaters

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Re: Cannot report cheaters

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solution is origin program ,i mean double click origin app.and return your will see drop below arrow

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