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Really nice and clear tips,  thank you!

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My tip would be: as Support, use the ammo crate, not the ammo pouch ... IF you want to get a high supply score. The ammo pouch is great to quickly hand out, for when friendly players are spread out. But, the ammo crate is so effective when players bunch up behind a wall or any other fixed structure, and know they will be there for a while. I guess that would be typical for mode Operations.



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Added where?  Thx 

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@SterlingARCH3R Lovely tips even in 2021!
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  1. Sim
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Thanks for the help mate, that was very useful 

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@SterlingARCH3R wrote:

After some frustration vented by newer players, and from watching how newer players play, I've decided to gather some tips that I've learned and habitually practice with every Battlefield game I play. These points generally hold true, and they've helped me tremendously across all Battlefield games. Of course, there are exceptions but the vast majority of the time these should be habits and second nature to you while playing. Many of these tips should also carry over to BFV. And, there are some more tips than these; I'll add them as I remember them.



+ Drop ammo / meds EVERY time you stop. This has tremendous leverage - if you're getting shot at, you don't have to choose between dropping ammo / meds, and shooting the enemy. You're resupplying / healing while attacking, instead of fumbling to drop ammo / meds followed by a delayed shot.


+ Ammo / med leeching and correct placement - Keep in mind that the enemy can leech off the ammo / meds that you drop. If your and your enemy's team are stalemated with only a wall in between (e.g. on Fort de Vaux), don't drop ammo / meds right next to the wall. The aura effect means that enemies will leech off the ammo / med crate. Drop them further away from the wall to isolate the crates' aura effects to just your team.


+ As a gunner, you should be spamming the Q (spot) button - As a passenger in a vehicle, your left hand is free, so maximize its use. Spotting is your primary job, then shooting is a close second. This also applies to stationary weapons and when your bipod is deployed. And when you're camped, ADS, moving forward with the W key, etc. make this a habit as infantry on foot, too.


+ Move in the direction of least momentum - Don't move towards objectives that are being capped sufficiently or have tons of your teammates already going after it - you're contributing very little to the objective. Instead, move towards the farther objectives to flank the enemy and force them to turn around and decongest the front lines. Additionally, pull up the map, see what's not being capped, and go there; bind the full map key to something more ergonomic like Mouse Button 3. Also see You win by capping, not by camping below.


+ Don't move in a herd - If your goal is to cap objectives, then split your forces up (at least into two). Moving as one big herd may make it easier to cap an objective, but the enemy can simply tail you and recap their lost objective. Similar to Move in the direction of least momentum above, adding more to the herd has little value added to capping the objective.


+ Don't block doorways - Get in or get out, and do your thing, but don't create a greater bottleneck for the enemy to take advantage of and mow everyone down. It also wastes time and unnecessarily restricts mobility.


+ Establish multiple lines of fire - All too often I see teammates capping an objective and hugging a single corner, one in front of the other. This is a big no-no since a single enemy can wipe everyone out (since bullets are great at penetrating...). If you're capping an objective with say one or two other teammates, then go to different corners so you can cover different angles. 


+ Play your class - e.g. As a medic, if there's no immediate threat and you must choose between reviving and shooting, revive. Other times you're left with no choice but to kill an enemy in order to reach and revive a teammate. Bottom line: don't leave your teammates bleeding out a couple meters away from you, while the enemy is entrenched 20 meters out. Also note that teammates who are bleeding out can see enemies via kill cam, so they know exactly where they are. Reviving them will mean that they can take very precise action immediately. Also see Communicate enemy positions below.


+ PTFO - Get good at CQB and obtaining a high KDR, over being a lone wolf sniping to get a high kdr. Even PTFO and a low KDR is better than being a lone wolf. Sniping long distance doesn't help the team to get the W. Remember, in terms of capping, killing an enemy on the objective is a net loss of 1 for the enemy; killing an enemy while on the objective is a net loss of 2 for the enemy since you're also now capping. If that still doesn't make sense to you, then think about it in terms of basketball - if you steal the ball and score 2 points, you're not only up by 2 points, the enemy is down 2 points from not scoring before the steal - a 4 point differential!


+ You win by capping, not by camping - This may be obvious as an attacker, but it holds even more true for defenders. Say you're on Empire's Edge on the three objective sector in Operations (see image below). The enemy controls objectives A & B, while your team desperately holds onto C. Go to A. It's the furthest from the enemy's point of direction. That way, the enemy bleeds reinforcements in transition back to A and decongests their numbers on C (see Move in the direction of least momentum above).




+ Repair often - If your vehicle has taken too much damage, don't return to battle without repairing. Otherwise, you're engaging enemies in battle with an unnecessary handicap against you. So, retreat then repair.


+ Pile onto the last objective - As a Defender in Operations, if the last objective in a sector is being capped, you and everyone else should be charging in. This is regardless of whether or not you're being shot at. Throw nades and briefly shoot as you move in, but don't stop and camp on the fringes.


+ Destroy building walls and obstacles facing you - Deny the enemy its cover and expose them. Don't destroy the walls facing the enemy, as you can use that as cover. This is something I do especially whenever I play as a tanker, and I make sure to run over barbed wire and sandbags (case in point, attackers on Suez at the first town you encounter, there are lots of cover that I run over with the tank to help teammates get through). As an added bonus, I often find myself killing enemies hiding behind the cover over those buildings and obstacles.


+ Issue (the correct) orders - You can maximize points earned by issuing orders to objectives that are already capped or what will be capped soon, whichever will yield the quickest objective defense points. For instance, if your team has one objective capped, one that's currently capping, and the rest are owned by the enemy, choose the one that's in the process of being capped. Over the course of an Operations match, this will yield at least a few thousand points for you and your squad members; whereas, always choosing the enemy's objective has no timer that counts down until you receive squad order points. What's key is that you must play to PTFO to capitalize on this the most.


+ Use smoke as Attackers, not as Defenders - In Operations, as Attackers, you want to conceal your forward movement to cap the objectives. Smoke helps tremendously to do this, and it should be one of your top choices for your loadout, and is easily among the most underrated items at your disposal.


Consequently, as Defenders, don't use smoke - you need to be able to see the enemies that are coming your way. It's far better to use gas instead to soften the attackers and prevent them from ADS as they equip their gas masks and make them an even easier target. Don't be concerned with using smoke against enemy snipers for the aforementioned reasons, and because if they're too far away, they're not capping. Counter snipe, use mortars, etc. instead.


+ If you hear gunfire, assume it's the enemy's unless you confirm otherwise. Often times I'll see friendlies get killed from a flanking enemy, while teammates are completely oblivious to anything that happens outside of their periphery. Don't just assume that it's your teammates shots that you hear, especially if the tempo and sound of gunfire changes.


+ Fog is your friend - One common complaint I hear is about the weather; specifically, the notorious fog. In actuality, it's a blessing in literal disguise. If you're attacking in Operations, fog will help you tremendously, as it's effectively a global light smoke to help your team advance under concealment. Another bonus is that it limits the sight range of snipers on both sides, so your teammates may want to consider playing other classes.


+ Communicate enemy positions - Use your mic or type in the chat to communicate where the enemies are. Don't let your teammates unwittingly walk into an enemy camped inside a house. Let them know where the enemies are instead of having your teammates independently discover enemies.


+ What are those?!? - If you play looking down at your shoes, then you'll be losing that much time moving your mouse up to target. Look level as you move and you'll be able to snap to target faster.


+ ElitesTypically I like to use gas on elites and send lead down their way. However, some elite units are either impervious to gas, or have gas masks. In which case, you can't go wrong with an AT rocket gun - one direct hit to any elite unit and it's dead. Here's what I like to do to each of the elite units, in addition to shooting them with hit and run tactics: 


     > Sentry (MG 08/15) - Has no gas mask  |   Use gas and AT rockets, knife from the side or back (preferred) and not the front

     > Sentry (Villar Perosa) - Has no gas mask  |   Use gas and AT rockets, knife from the side or back (preferred) and not the front

     > Trench Raider - Has a manual gas mask  |   Use gas and AT rockets

     > Tank Hunter - Has a manual gas mask  |   Use gas and AT rockets

    Flame Trooper - Has a permanent gas mask  |   Use AT rockets, knife from the side or back (preferred), shoot from medium distance

     Infiltrator - Has no gas mask  |   Use gas and AT rockets



Behemoths - Here's the strategy I use to efficiently neutralize the behemoths.


+ Train - It's a sound idea to setup AT mines on the tracks prior to the train's arrival (i.e. at the end of the previous battalion and/or when the train arrives). Each player can place up to six AT mines, so it has the potential to do an enormous amount of damage, especially against a clueless train driver. Next, aim at the two main guns located at the front (first two seats), and take them out first. Afterwards, aim for the sides for parts damage until the main mortar guns regenerate, at which point you take those mortars out once more. I like to use heavy hitting tanks (i.e. light tank howitzers and tank hunter landships) against trains. Two hits with the howitzer will take out the main gun, so the four available rounds will practically make the train a linear target. Also gauge where the apex of the mortar shots will go, double that distance, and that's where the rounds will land. Don't be there.


+ Char 2C - Aim for the main gun and take it out first. Then aim all around the sides for parts damage.


+ AirshipAim at all of the unbroken sides of the ship's hull. Make a hole and get massive parts damage. As AA, you can focus on the two turrets, but once they're down, aim at the sides. If you're a support equipped with a Burton LMG, switch to the incendiary rounds and aim at the turrets - unlike other parts of the airship, you can amass an impressive 136+ damage per magazine. Another thing of note: if you're on the AA, your main focus should be to take out passing planes then you should quickly switch gears back to the airship. Taking out enemy planes are easier targets with huge marginal benefit - they help your planes to focus on the behemoth instead of dog fighting, and you and your AA teammates don't become victims to their attacks. 


+ Dreadnought - Aim at all of the unbroken sides of the ship's hull. Make a hole and get massive parts damage.




As a tanker...


+ Never EVER ditch your tank as a tanker - You go down with it or don't spawn in with a tank at all. You don't want the enemy to steal your tank, since that lost tank won't be available for your team until you destroy the stolen tank. It also won't become available again if it's left abandoned and hasn't self-exploded yet. This applies specifically to tankers, as opposed to gunners in the tank.


+ Be aware of the gunners - they don't necessarily see what you see. For instance, when you're in a tank hunter landship, your two big cannon gunners can deal massive damage. They just have to be able to see the target.


Use tanks to tank damage - Don't camp on the sidelines while infantry get mowed down. The most capable unit against infantry is the tank, so it makes no sense not to push with it. Tank damage and let infantry follow you in. 


+ Retreat in reverse, not with your rear facing the enemy - The tank's frontal armor is the strongest. With that in mind, it only makes sense to reverse out of danger. Don't take the longer 180 degree turn and show your weak side to the enemy.

This "Tips,Tricks and Tactics" list should've been implemented and scrolled in the loading and spawn screens 🤔...great post! ✌😁

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@SterlingARCH3R This post was well made. Cheers.
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For the love of god, when you die and waiting to re-Spawn please look at the map and see what’s going on!


Do you really need to go back to the meat grinder and die again?


How about picking a flag where there’s no one at?!?!??


Get your * to an unoccupied flag and HOPE your teammates are intelligent enough to realize that an unoccupied flag is a better spawn option than the meat grinder! 



Or, things are in the balance and what would you do if you were the enemy?  We have an undefended flag next to a flag that just fell. Guess what’s going to happen next!  The opposition is going to move from the taken flag to the next flag.  Someone or some squad has to decide to jump in there and block the onslaught.  


The easy stuff!   DROP AMMO AND HEALTH!!!!!


Why are teammates running around at half health with a handgun?  You’re missing out on points by not helping out your team.  Drop ammo and health every few seconds.  You pick being support or medic, then DO medic or support!


Can’t believe how many times I have gotten Most Valuable Player with 10-11 megabytes per second Internet.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s tactics and strategy. 


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