Battlefield 1 ActivationUI.exe 0xc000007b error

by GMC_64

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Battlefield 1 ActivationUI.exe 0xc000007b error

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I played the game for a while a few months ago, and i come back to play again recently and this is what i get when i try to open it from both steam and the origin launcher. 


-Ive restarted windows

-Reinstalled Visual Studio 2015-2022 x64 and x32

-Ive ran something in cmd, dont remember what it was, but im pretty sure it went through my :C drive and looked for anything broken or something along those lines

-Ran Regedit in run looking for something another forum told me to delete, wasnt there in the first place

-Reinstalled origin launcher

-Reinstalled Battlefield 1


Not sure what to do now as everything im finding is just poorer and poorer explanations of what ive already done.


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