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BF1 premium pass missing

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I bought the deluxe edition of BF1 at launch and have played the game with the dlc for years. However now it says I need to buy the premium pass again although it still says premium on my account. I have spoken to Xbox support and they said the premium pass appears active on my account. EA support told me to report this as a bug and someone should be in contact to resolve.


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Re: BF1 premium pass missing

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Hey @Shoshendo,


Hmm, that's very odd indeed!

So I'm afraid that if you're playing on console, you gotta reach out again to the retailer where you made the purchase of the game with the premium pass, as this is unfortunately not something we can check via our EA systems.

Are you sure that you're logged in with the correct Xbox account on your console? The account where you bought the game + DLC with, that is. And are you or have you made use of Xbox game sharing by any chance?


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