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Re: Videos for Fuel

by EA_DaveRF10

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Videos for Fuel

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Hi there! As a regular player on Battle Copters, the videos for extra fuel are not working. And a rising theme on the world chat is that Chillingo and EA are stepping away from investing in this game. Is this his game being shelved?


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Re: Videos for Fuel

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I see Bluearcher online playing battle copters and people are really starting to get upset to the point where they won't buy any in-app items until the videos are fixed. Do you have a estimated time as to when the video's will be fixed?

In regards to Battle Copters being shelved or no longer supported, that's the most important question I want awnsers for. It's been said on world chat that BATTLE COPTERS has stopped working on the Android devices. Are you going to do the same thing with other the iOS version?


Listed below are the problems

1- fuel refill videos don't work for almost 2 weeks now.

2-  iPhone X screen is so messed up  ever since the last update. I can't even  play battle copters on it. Battle copters works fine on all the ipads as well as the other phones. I have talked to other iPhone X user's and they report the same problem. I'll attach a screenshot of BC on my iphone X so you can se what I'm talking about. 

3- the background is all dark when chatting with squad members on iPhone X.


Let  me know if you need anything or have any questions.


Last thing I want resolved is the diamonds and gold I purchased 2 days before I started having problems.  $100 diamond pack on sale = 4,000 diamonds and the $100 gold pack on sale = 1500 gold bars. I don't care if you refund me through $200 or just give me game diamonds and gold that I paid for before I could no longer play the game on my iPhone X.


I would greatly appreciate it if you would get back to Me soon. I've been playing this Game since the beginning and spent a lot of money and time on it.



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Re: Videos for Fuel

Community Manager
Are you playing on Android or iOS?
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Re: Videos for Fuel

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iOS we all have the same issues 

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Re: Videos for Fuel

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Yes we have same problems is been now nearly a month ! Fuel ⛽️ is not working and game is glitchy!

Where is all old gifts 🎁 disappointing no more gifts as it been before ! Chillingo you must to pay back your regular players ! Other way we will ask for the refund !

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Re: Videos for Fuel

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Re: Videos for Fuel

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Ads not working for me either. Quite annoying they won't fix it!

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Re: Videos for Fuel

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IOS because I have an iPhone X as mentioned above.
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Re: Videos for Fuel

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This is simply unprofessional to ignore these issues for so long. Players deserve to know what your plans are with the game and why you are not addressing the problems. The purchase of gold and diamond packs sure seems to function just fine! Either fix the game issues or shut it down, but continuing to remain silent while these issues persist is just wrong. 


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Re: Videos for Fuel

EA Community Manager

Hi Guys,


Ive been posting updates to the free fuel problem here, locking this thread now so we can keep all discussion on it in one place Standard smile




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