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Re: Squadron arena rewards not getting paid

by EA_DaveRF10

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Squadron arena rewards not getting paid

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Ok so this is the 2nd squad arena in a row that not a single squad in the game got paid their rewards (gold & $). So far it has cost me 100 gold and $60,000 between the 2 arenas. Last night it was the squad battle arena and tonight it was the squad domination arena.
I'm sure you are getting flooded with complaints but this game needs some attention. The fuel video's still don't work after almost 2 months.
I just bought the 4000 diamond pack and I will be requesting a refund if these things aren't fixed.
It's giving people the impression that you Chillingo is trying to make it so the only way to get gold is to buy it. If that's the case and this arena problem is intentional then I would be very disappointed because this game is, well was the BEST GAME in the app store but it's being neglected.

Please get these things fixed because I really don't want to see all my money spent for nothing.

*****See the attached photos of before arena collection and after when the arena disappears with no rewards. Along with photos of world chat and squad chat supporting that nobody is getting their rewards.

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Re: Squadron arena rewards not getting paid

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We all have the same issues with the iOS version EA_DaveRF10 

its been 2 months now for the previous fuel issue and still no update for the game yet!

Do something to fix that please EA..




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Re: Squadron arena rewards not getting paid

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 Hi @Newt0404 & @Saro0o0,


Just locking this thread because i replied in another Standard smile




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