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Re: Ads but no fuel

by EA_DaveRF10

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Ads but no fuel

★★★★ Newbie
I watched ads but didn’t get fuel. Why is the game glitching?
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Re: Ads but no fuel

Community Manager

@patelno17 Sorry for the late reply, are you playing on Android or iOS?

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Re: Ads but no fuel

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@EA_Darko iOS. It’s happened numerous times.
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Re: Ads but no fuel

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As usual, no response even months later. It’s unforunate dedicate players can’t even get a simple response. 

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Re: Ads but no fuel

EA Community Manager

Hi @patelno17,


I've posted a response to this here & I will keep that thread updated when i hear something else on this Standard smile


(locking this thread so i can keep all discussion on this in one place)




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